Starting your proposal

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou have now officially embarked on the journey of your MA Thesis.  Last week we mapped out a tentative schedule for the semester together which is reflected in the course schedule.  Please refer to this schedule (as an in-built measure of accountability) as you progress through your project.

To do:

-Please forward me your Thesis In-Process Blog address so that I may syndicate it here.  Also, please remember to blog regularly about your thesis process.  Think of each blog post as a reflection piece or snapshot of your experience with this project as it unfolds.  I will look for your first post by next week.

-Tonight we will discuss the foundations of your early proposal ideas and share thoughts about getting the process started. We will be referring to the early MA thesis proposal guidelines document which is also available under the “Course Materials and Assignments” section of this website.  Remember that each of you will be developing an early thesis proposal document to be shared and presented on 9/24.

I look forward to discussing your initial ideas tonight!


Dr. Zamora


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