Feedback plan for 10/2

You are on your way now. images-28

Protocol for early proposal feedback:

Please open each proposal doc in the MA early proposal folder and add a paragraph or so of feedback/thoughts for each of the authors.  You can add your name at the bottom of the author’s proposal.  After your name, add your feedback.  I would also suggest color coding your response so each of our comments is distinct and easier to digest for the proposal writer.  images-27If you have not done so already, please make sure each of us (in this MA Thesis group) have access to EDIT your early proposal doc so that we can place our commentary directly in the doc.

Please respond as a fellow writer and as a reader, in a spirit of helpfulness and respect.  Share observations of what you notice in your colleagues early proposal, but also share observations of what you notice occurs inside of you as you read the writer’s text.  What questions emerge? What connections do you make as a result of the writer’s inquiry? I believe this approach to feedback will be helpful to each of you.

Deadline for proposal feedback: Thursday 10/2.

There should be five colored paragraphs after each proposal by Thursday afternoon (actually six, since I will add my comments there too).  When we meet on Thursday, we will review what has been covered thus far and make plans for “next steps”.  I will also post some new guidelines material for all of you soon regarding the development of an effective literature review.   We will devote the next few weeks to the next phase (active research and developing a lit review). In other words, we will focus on the collection of materials which will inform the development of your project.  Many of you are well on your way with this part of the process already, but I think this “stage” in our work together will be a worthwhile exercise for all of you to participate in as we proceed with our benchmarks for thesis progress.

o-INTUITION-facebookPlease remember that the writing and research process for a project like this is inherently more intuitive and unscripted than the mere adherence to such benchmarks, but they are in place (for now) in order to GENERATE the foundation for the work.

A note regarding blogging:  Some of you are doing a fabulous job of keeping up with your weekly reflections about your process.  I would like to remind the rest of you that a weekly post on “how it is going” will keep you faithful to your own journey.  Props to Dre for embracing the medium in a most writerly fashion, and to Larissa for her insightful layout of her work thus far.  It helps to do this, trust me.  So keep up the blogging!  Make it a weekly habit (even if it is a just a quick entry).

Looking forward to connecting both virtually in the docs, and f2f on Thursday evening.


Dr. Zamora

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