Your action item list for Dec. 3rd


After having read your recent blogs, I have an updated sense of where each of you are in your own thesis process.  I also have varying questions and suggestions for each of you.

Some updates on scheduling:  Next Thursday 11/19, I will be attending and presenting some of my  current scholarship at the National Writing Project annual meeting.  There will be no meet up due to my conference engagement.  The Thursday thereafter is Thanksgiving (11/26).  We are coming up on a long stretch of time that will be jam packed with many personal activities (I know how busy you all are).  I fear that a lack of a formal thesis “check-in” at this crucial time will result in the lack of progress with your projects.

Therefore, I would like to design an explicit “action item list” for each of you with a deadline set for December 3rd.  I know if you have some concrete benchmarks for progress (rather than a vast stretch of undefined thesis time in the midst of holiday time) you will keep on better track.  For Andre, Matt, & Christina, we will set those individualized action items this evening.  For Melissa & Larissa, I would like to have an email exchange with both of you that explicitly pins down this stretch of time with self-determined thesis goals.  I will expect to hear from both of you via email by Monday Nov. 16th regarding your specific outline for the next three weeks.  I will respond and we will confirm each of your plans.



Next date to work towards: Dec. 3, 2015

Onward ho!


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