Taking shape

wheel-throwing-hands-on-clay1I am looking forward to connecting with each of you soon.  At this stage each of you has branched off and made progress in different creative ways, each of you finding a version of research & writing process that best suits your own rhythms and mindscape.  Tomorrow we will be connecting first with Larissa.  We will discuss her developing Lit Review and how her ideas are shaping up based on that process.  Andre has formally embarked on the writing of his first chapter as his project starts to take shape and form.  And Stina & Matt are in the midst of their invention & discovery phases as they explore the contours of their topics through writing.  Check the blog posts here to get your update.

It is fascinating for me to see how each writer has their own way, and I am genuinely impressed and excited about each one of your projects.  I sense that the discussion tomorrow night will be an important benchmark in the journey.

See you soon,

Dr. Zamora


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