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Post-Photographic Challenge

I thought this remix was going to be really easy and I had not one but TWO really funny ideas so i settled on one and assembled the tools and pieces really quickly and then EVERYTHING FELL RIGHT THE F APART. It took me way too long to realize the reason that Powerpoint (the program I used to layer and adjust these images) was just taking an aggressive crap every time I tried to remove the background on old Mr. Doc’s picture is that it was a huge file. So I opened another one and did a screen grab of it, cause I’m clever. Then I had no problems. Above, my creation.

Unit 11- ReMix

We’re talking a lot about remixes, and definitions of terms. I think people used to say remix all the time for a lot of stuff, and then more stuff started happening, different stuff, as people got more access and greater talent for messing with stuff on their computers and at the same time everybody got sick of hearing the word “remix” probably because it made them think of Linkin Park and that made them hate themselves. So then somebody ┬ácame up with the term mashup, and Girltalk became and thing and everybody liked it cause its cool, and from that point everybody started using that word, for everything, always. Now everything that isn’t a lifehack is a mashup. This is the world we live in now. Like it would be depressing to George Orwell. He’d see us and hear us talking to each other and be like, “No way, really? I was just trying to make a point, I didn’t think it’d be real. This is way worse even than my thing. Fuck.”

A remix, I think, is when you take a thing (a song, a movie, a painting, whatever,) and you alter it using another thing, it doesn’t matter what. A remix takes a beat or a chorus or whatever and layers it into a thing to make that first thing better. In a remix, its that first thing, the main thing, that is the focus. It gets all the glory. A remix is- A Main Thing (feat. another thing that we’re not giving equal credit too). Obviously this also applies to more simple remixes where you just mix up one thing and add a bit of some other random stuff. A mashup is when you take two things, and you make a new thing that is half of one and half of the other. That star wars call me maybe is a great example of a mashup. Both things are of equal importance. I mean obviously not in real life, not even almost a little bit, but in terms of this thing, they were equal in terms of contribution and meaning of this thing. I think there’s a third category here that isn’t spoken about, and that’s reinterpretation. Like if you reproduce a renaissance painting in the style of the impressionists, you’ve done a reinterpretation. If you remake Rudy as a movie by Wes Anderson, reinterpretation. Its a different thing. Nobody was asking about that, but I thought it warranted pointing out. Here’s some audio of me asking my girlfriend and random question and her answering me while stuck in traffic.