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Still Going…

Following along with Dr. Zamora’s message from the week, I find myself still going and still maintaining my momentum. This week came with more writing! While I have not finished the chapter I am currently working on, I am comfortable and pleased with the amount of writing I was able to get done.

My goal is to finish this current chapter by the end of the next week which will bring me to the first week of March. If I meet this goal and my goal of completing a chapter a week, by the end of March I will be done with my remaining chapters. This timeline would permit me to have the whole month of April to add in my research and to do any necessary revisions and edits. Even if I find myself off by a week or two, there should still be more than enough time for me to comfortably (not under any immense pressure) to add in my research and revisions. I want to avoid the last minute work under pressure, crunch time as best as I can. So I will continue to pace myself and just keep going!

Thesis Project 2021-02-16 20:04:46

This last week being off on Friday and Monday allowed me to dedicate more time to my thesis project. Unlike last week (where I had to constantly return to my project multiple times and work in short bursts) I was able to sit and work for a longer period(s) of times on my project. I was able to finish the chapter I started last week, which means I’ve been able to get through 2 chapters in 2 weeks! I am incredibly excited and proud of the progress I am steadily making. At this rate I can get a lot of creative writing done with enough time to spend adding in the research and reviewing/editing my work. This is crunch time! February is ending next weekend and time is flying! So hopefully I can keep this momentum going. Whether I have to come back to my project 7+ times in one day, or working in one sitting for a long period of time, I just want to keep the progress flowing.

It also felt great to share some of my work with some of my peers last week, and the feedback was great, so thank you to Dylan and Linda. I’m going to add a link to the full chapter below for anyone who would like to take a look!

In the small groups last week we discussed how for my project (and others as well) that revisiting some of our past memories can be disturbing. For certain aspects of my project this has definitely been something I’ve had to deal with in. In a sense I find it somewhat therapeutic and, as challenging as this could be, I see it as another opportunity to re-work through many things I’ve previously dealt with. We also discussed how brave it seems for me to be putting so much of this information out for people to read. I never looked it as being brave (I do appreciate this label though) but I did go back and forth with myself on the level of honesty and vulnerability I’m sharing in this project. For that reason, I’ve been considering if this project were to be publicly published, doing so under a pseudonym. If I were to do this, is this something I should explain up front to my readers? My whole goal is to be as authentic and transparent with them so that they can trust me and therefore trust my project, will remaining anonymous strip away any of this transparency and trust? These are just some questions I’m considering as I finish working through my project.


Finding My Rhythm

Last week I wrote about testing out a slightly new/different approach to my writing. Instead of completing creative writing for a chapter and then adding the research, I wanted to see how continuing my creative writing chapter to chapter (without stopping to add in research) would feel for me.

The start of the week was a little rocky. I got caught up in what Dr. Zamora informed us was the doldrums. I was unaware there was a name for what I was feeling But I found starting with my creative writing and just flowing through (not stopping to add research) helped push me through the doldrums I was beginning to feel. I started off small, and soon a sentence turned into a paragraph, and a paragraph turned in pages. So it is safe to say that a continuous flow of creative writing is working for me! I was able to complete an entire chapter and the beginning of the next chapter. I’m looking to add an excerpt to one of my chapters for my blog next week!

I hope the rest of my classmates are finding their way through and haven’t gotten too caught up in the doldrums!

Documenting My Progress

It’s one thing to know in your mind what work you’ve completed and what work needs to be completed. It’s another thing to write it out and have a visual representation of that work. So thank you to Dr. Zamora for assigning me this task to complete. I’m also thankful for the feedback that Dr. Zamora provided me on my project so far!

After writing out my progress so far I see that I have a little more than half of my project to complete. Last semester after utilizing Dr. Zamora’s suggestion I worked on my project by doing my creative writing first, then going back and adding in the necessary research, and finally ending with a review/edit. However, for this semester I’m deciding if I want to do this process chapter by chapter (like I did in the first semester) or as a whole (meaning I would creatively write for all chapters first and then go back and add the research and edits).

I’m considering this change because going from creative writing to research to editing felt a little choppy to me and it disrupted my flow a bit which caused some delays in completing the chapters. So I’m wondering if doing all the different parts consecutively and together will create a more steady flow. I will test out writing creatively for 2-3 chapters back to back and see how that flow feels for me. If I don’t like it then I will go back to completing my project chapter by chapter. I will provide an update!

Thesis Outline and Progress:

Thesis Part 2…

Starting class last Tuesday bought about a mix of emotions for me. I’m excited, nervous, motivated, and so many more emotions that I can’t directly name. Like I discussed with my peers last week my nervousness is centered around me completing my thesis project and feeling satisfied with my final project. I’m sure that I will be able to get there, and I have faith in both myself and my peers that we will all make it to the end. Class felt a little empty without the rest of our original cohort, but I am so proud of them completing their Master’s journey and I am wishing them well wherever they are!

As for myself, I am geared up and ready to get back into the swing of things and to continue my road/journey to completing my thesis. To start with, I took a look at the progress I made during first semester, and although I felt like I didn’t get much done (and that I could have done more) I am pleased with what I have accomplished so far. I have a ton of research that I will be utilizing in my writings and I have a good portion of chapters completed so far. My task for this week is organizing myself, creating a routine, and a timeline for my work. I also want to make the space and time to schedule a one-on-one with Craig from the library to help me add search for and add further research materials to use for my thesis project. I am excited to hear the feedback on my thesis proposal and that feedback will also help guide my journey to completing my project.

I have my drafted out daily schedule and my general timeline written down, and I’m ready to go. Here’s to a great final semester!

Thesis Project 2020-12-10 15:35:39

Another semester is coming to a close. First I would like to offer my congratulations to all of my peers! MaryKate has given birth to a beautiful babygirl and she is finishing her graduate journey! Darline has gotten engaged and she is also finishing her graduate studies! Meagan, Medea, Karel and Patricia are also finishing this semester and I could not be more excited, happy and proud of them! I will miss you all so much! To the rest of my cohort that will be finishing in the Spring with me, congratulations on making it through the first semester of our thesis work and cheers to us making it through next semester! It has been great learning beside all of you and I wish you all the best of luck on whatever comes next in your lives.

As for me, I am wrapping up my thesis proposal and still working on my project. I made a goal to make it halfway through my project by the end of the semester and I am so proud of the work I’ve done so far. I know I still have more to do but I am so ready for break to begin next week, I cannot wait. I hope you all have a great break and get some well deserved rest.

Thesis Update

Now that Thanksgiving break is over I’m back in work mode for the remaining 3 weeks we have. I can feel the fatigue starting to set in with myself and my students. But I remind them (and myself) that we are almost at the finish line and in another 3 weeks we can all take a well deserved break.

I registered for my final 2 courses next spring and the realization that I am nearing the end of my journey is settling in. I am so proud of the work that my classmates and I have done and are doing! I’ve been contemplating my next move once I am done with my Master’s journey, I’m excited for whatever comes next.

This week I wrapped up the articles I needed to finish reading, annotating and adding to my lit review. I tried reading my articles online but I am a pen and paper girl, so I printed off the articles and resources. As I re-read some of the articles/book chapters that I’d already annotated, I found myself picking out additional key take-aways that I did not take note of during my first reading of them on the computer screen. So I spent the week combing through articles I previously read while reading a few new ones.

The remaining two weeks I have left will be dedicated to completing/editing my proposal that needs to be handed in.

Take a Breathe

I’ve been slowly feeling more and more sluggish each week. But with the coming Thanksgiving Break I feel a small burst of energy this week that I didn’t have last week. Perhaps my 2nd wind (or 3rd, I’m not sure which one I’m on) kicked in because my body senses the small break coming. Either way I’ve been going with the flow.

I was so excited about the renewed energy and so into my work, I realized it was Thursday and I didn’t make a blog post. This week I started typing up my Lit. Review and began adding in the notes I’ve been taking on my articles/resources. Once I am done with this, I plan to turn my attention to working on my thesis proposal.

I know how hard we have all been working and I just want to wish everyone a happy holiday. Remember to take a moment to breathe.

Thesis Update as the World Waits…

I’m feeling pretty anxious right now (as I’m sure many of you are). My school gave us an asynchronous day of classes yesterday and I certainly could have used another one today.

But as I try to get my mind off of the news I am still riding the high of my completed presentation. I did not accomplish as much research as I wanted to or dedicate enough time to working on my Lit review last week. So this week my goals are to conduct more research and work more on my Lit review. I also want to get back to the creative writing of my book and start on a new chapter.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone in class tomorrow!

Presentation in the Bag

Whew. I finally breathed the same sigh of relief that I’m sure the previous presenters have all breathed once they were finished with their presentations. My knot of nerves has now subsided and I am calmer. It was great sharing my thesis with everyone. I am very passionate about the work I am doing. The feedback from my classmates and Dr. Zamora was simply amazing! Thank you all so much!!

My next steps are to finish the chapter I am currently working on. Once I am complete I will go back through my work and look for sections where I can add my research. I also need to start typing out my Lit Review. As I mentioned during my presentation, I’ve been doing a lot of my notes and lit review writing by hand in my notebook. So I want to transfer this information to my Lit Review/Bibliography google doc.

I have a sort of renewed sense of energy for my project. It really helps to discuss your ideas and receive quality feedback from my peers. I’m looking forward to more presentations and more peer work/feedback.