Session 6 (Finale!)

Long time, no blog! I’ll admit, I completely fell off of updating this for a while. Thesis-wise, most of the weeks I neglected to blog about were the same: slowly chipping away at revisions, trying to keep to my schedule, and sharing some excerpts in class to get feedback from my peers. That feedback was probably my favorite part of our class meetings; I loved hearing what everyone thought of my work and getting to hear snippets of what Jules and Jasmine were working on, too.

I’m thrilled to report that I finished the third draft of Retrograde this past Friday! It sits at around 85k words, which is still on the longer side for a non-fantasy YA novel, but I’m not going to worry about the length right now. Thanks to this class as well as my independent study with Dr. Sisler, I am ready to start querying with agents after I graduate, and any further edits that need to be made can be done after that!

It’s been a busy but incredible semester, and I’m so glad to have made it to the finish line with a thesis that I’m really proud of 🙂