Staying Afloat

Last Monday’s class was great. I am looking forward to reading another vignette where I can receive feedback again that is very insightful in regards to helping me shape my vignettes into something even more powerful. I’m not going to lie in the beginning the rough drafts were rough. Mainly because I wanted to just push out all the ideas I had while they were fresh in my brain. It’s not that I was half-asking it but I wanted to get at least the foundation done in order to go back and then revise and edit the vignettes into the kind of stories that they should be.

I do plan on writing at least 3-5 more vignettes but at the moment it’s also nice to share what I have and get feedback that is helping me be more aware of what I need to do.

Session 2

Well, I’ll admit, I didn’t really make much progress on my thesis work this week. I got a bit busy with personal things (that always happens, doesn’t it?) but I’m not going to let myself get discouraged! Tomorrow starts a new week, and I will push myself to work on Retrograde, no matter what it takes. Perhaps a change of scenery would help, like bringing my laptop to the Kean library or Starbucks and trying to do some writing in there. I think I’ll make that my plan for this week.

Reading an excerpt in class last week was super helpful! I’m grateful for the feedback I got from Dr. Zamora and Jules, and I’m really excited to read the opening of the story in class this week. Getting feedback on that should really kickstart my revision, since I tend to like starting at the beginning and revising, more or less, in order…and what would encourage me to revise the first scene more than sharing it and getting some insight on it?

I used to really, really hate reading my work out loud, and I won’t say I’m a huge fan of it or anything now…but I do think I am starting to get a bit more comfortable with it. Likewise, seeking feedback when I was younger was one of the scariest things in the world, and while it still causes me some stress, I’m much more able to push that to the side now and power through. I’m excited to keep reading pieces of Retrograde to you all and building up those muscles.