Session 10: (Almost!) Time for a Break

I’m happy to report that I’ve been slowly but surely moving past my writer’s block! I’ve worked on writing Retrograde several days in the past week, and even when I’m not actively putting words down on the Scrivener doc, I’m getting ideas for where to go next. I wouldn’t say I know where I’m going next, not quite, I haven’t really solved my whole “stuck with the plot issue,” but I’m getting there. And as I suspected, it’s by writing and trying stuff and making a mess that I’m getting ideas and figuring out what to do next.

After Thanksgiving break, I’m going to dive into developing my proposal. I’ll admit, I’m a bit unsure about how to adapt some of the proposal guidelines (methodology?) for a creative project, but I’m sure that’s something we can discuss in class.

During the break itself, I’m going to be pretty busy with family stuff, so I’ll probably not do much thesis work or other class work; I’m trying to give myself some time to recharge. Though who knows, I might write some more of the second draft, if inspiration strikes.

I’ll see everyone tonight, and I hope you all have a nice and restful break!