Session 9: Slaying the Dragon!

Well, I’m happy to say that the rough draft of my literature review is finally done. I say “rough draft” because there’s still the potential that I’m going to add more to it in the coming weeks, as it’s a working document and all, but I’ve got down all of the research pieces I have so far and my thoughts on them/their relevance to Retrograde. This is a huge weight off of my shoulders; I’ve felt swamped with work across all my classes lately; even though I’m completely up-to-date with all of my work and have been throughout the semester, my brain still manages to make me feel like I’m behind. Getting something as big as the lit review “done” frees up a lot of mental space to focus on other things, like thinking about my proposal draft and working on finishing this second draft.

Speaking of the second draft…agh. I’m having some major writer’s block still. I’ve gotten a few more scenes written, but right now I find myself mostly stuck as I try to figure out how I want to move this plot forward. It’s frustrating, and it feels a bit like I’ve hit a brick wall. Plot has always been a weakness of mine…it’s why I’ve dedicated this entire draft to revising and strengthening that aspect of the story. I’ve taken out an arc of the plot near the end, because it ultimately wasn’t strongly connected enough to Mercury’s actions and wasn’t showing the cause-and-effect that carries strong stories…but I’m having a really tough time replacing it. I don’t know what new, better arc to put in its place…it’s one of those things that I’m probably only going to be able to figure out by writing a bunch of words, trying out a bunch of things, and then discarding most of it and keeping that one kernel that works.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to write a lot when the words don’t want to flow at all.

But I’m not all doom and gloom! Like I said, I’m happy to have the lit review done for the time being, and even if it’s hard, I am sitting down and working on this draft. I know it will get done…it’s just hard to see the end of the road from here, where I’m waylaid at the side with a flat tire.

Starting My Literature Review!

Last week I took the time to finalize my outline. It’s still in a rough phase but this is my second time reviewing it. I feel it is good enough for me to start working on the Literature review now and figuring out how to piece this all together. Last semester in 5002 we worked on a Literature for our research proposal and I will be takin that approach as I am comfortable and familiar.

This week I am going to start working on my introduction section and really get a good strong thesis statement solidified. My main focuses with is thesis will be the integration of technology into early childhood education and the improvement of tech tools being used as well. this gives my research so clarity, but still keeps my main topics open to many sources I can choose from.

I have confirmed 5 solid sources that I can put into my annotated bibliography to start the process on that piece of the literature review. I have about 25 sources all together to sort through, and see what I would still need to to gather. I want to do that this week along with my introduction and the start of the annotated bibliography an keep me in a rhythm if I can do about 3-4 sources a week.

Overall I am very confident in the work I plan to present in this literature review and feel I just need to now start. the writing to allow my self enough time to thoroughly edit my work and really get the key details fully expressed. This process has been a but easier than I thought it would be as I have really taken time to get into my work and have used the 5 hour a week method of working on my thesis work. The biggest issue I am noticing is organization of the sources but I feel I will eliminate this as I start the annotated bibliography and I can have my sources in one place to refer to and access. I am excited to see my final result and how this work all comes together.