Welcome back!

Here we are at the second half of your thesis journey.  Last semester was filled with doubts, discovery, research exploration, some false starts, reading and vetting, and writing.  This semester you will gain the momentum necessary to complete a meaningful thesis project by May 4th.  That is the formal date set for your final thesis submission.

A reminder to all of you: Please remember that writing a thesis is inherently not “easy”. As I have already mentioned in other contexts – there are many twists and turns in the road, roadblocks do come up, and there are unforeseen landscapes that cannot be imagined until you cover ground and truly travel. That said, the more time you have on the road, the more of a chance you will have to discover.

I look forward to continuing this work with all of you.  As you know, thesis class is really an accountability mechanism, keeping you going in the midst of a large writing process, and providing that sense of a writerly community that is key to assuaging the writer’s isolation in reflection. And as always, I am here to provide suggestions, feedback, resources, and insight; to prompt you to refine your thinking and take your work to another level. As you have experienced already, sometimes you surge forth in the process and cover good distance “on the road” due to insightful feedback. And sometimes you surge forth due to the “deeper” drill down of your own engaged/independent reading & research. And oftentimes, inspiration hits at the most unlikely times ;).

We will use our weekly gathering on Monday evenings to “conference” and revise.  We will start off in person on Monday Jan 23 in person (CAS 314) to reconnect and plan. Thereafter, we will resume our weekly conferencing in our Zoom room. I look forward to seeing you all on Jan. 23rd! 


Dr. Zamora