So Anyway, I’m Brandon

This selfie was taken at Jim Whelan Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, NJ for the the 123rd episode of AEW Dynamite (02.09.2022). The fan screaming at the literal top of his lung capacity was very heated with the ever so hated Burberry scarf wearing “salt of the earth” MJF (Maxwell Jacob Friedman).

Hey, so for anyone reading this who is unfamiliar with my other website that was formerly used for a class that pretty much consisted of the same exact crew (give or take one member) that makes up this thesis-related course, but is currently being used for another current course (weirdly enough it is not being used for this course now that I think about it but I digress because it is not really much of an issue to me, jut something that got me a bit semi-chuckly) … uh, so anyway, I’m Brandon.

The website for the former class that is currently being used for a current course but that is separate from this specific course for the sake of being a but more organized and individualized had something along the lines of a majillion references to Kanye West, much to the absolutely bliss-filled delight of the peers referenced prior within this blog post, being they are all really huge fans, was called TheCollegeDropoutGraduate.  Ye’s debut LP thesis, The College Dropout, had a strong internal impact on me well before I ever Dropped Out, Late Registered, and Graduated from university. 

His first three albums did, actually. Honestly I’m not quite certain that I would very well-ly BE and be HERE without them. 

Whatever, I’ve been really good! The past few months have really been the first period of time since I was that I have truly felt a sense of youthful/adolescent exuberance streamlined throughout my physical, my mental, and my overall being. I finally feel older, but in no rush. I am at least more accepting and less dreadful about the the whole “being” thing, and in-turn my energy feels a whole lot more younger than it has been since I was seventeen, or around there.

What’s that TOOL lyric… “overthinking, overanalyzing, separates the body from the mind”? Well, they are pretty darn connected currently. I rejoice!

I don’t know about you but I feel like I just shared a good amount of insight about me, or I suppose more so where my mindspace is presently. I will not be as detailed in detailing you on the itty-bitty bits regarding my thesis, because it is still very much in its infancy. That’s okay, because I find it inspiring and eagering. My thesis will certainly focus on writing, it will revolve around professional wrestling. The big sticker here is that my thesis will focus on the rhetorical writing surrounding the art form of professional wrestling, and how it relates to my life, the act of writing, storytelling, and most importantly physical communication. 

The art form sport is one that, especially to me, transgresses all others in its unparalleled ability to bend and blend the real world, and invert it within itself with an extensive lore that makes century-running comic narratives and historical journalism blush. It is the ultimate high for me, so my end goal once my thesis is read by others is for y’all and them to have obtained even just a sliver of the excitement that I have for it, because that will result in a slew of lifelong fans discovering the professional wrestling lovebug that I know is present in all of us, in some way, shape, form, being, or cosmic attraction.

Growing up I felt stupidendously ostracized for liking professional wrestling, and noticed that many others were embarrassed and/or too cool for school to be upfront about their love for it. I’m not so sure that this has really changed all that much in the modern day. Personally, I think that the people that knock on and downplay professional wrestling are fake and predetermined (haha).  Thus far I have simply outlined in my head a bit, gathered resources, and thought a whole lot about wrestling (I’ve watched the usual ton of it as well, of course, duh!). Not even just in a writing sense, but I have been replaying key images, impactful moments, and my own personal crossing with the sport. I guess I am comfortable enough to claim that I’ve mostly been exercising in vibing with it lately, and manifesting the fighting spirit that motivates its most mountainous highs within me.