A little about me and what I want?

Hello everyone, I am Edna Valentina Orozco Campo and I must confess that I am a little scared, excited and eager to do something incredible. This summer was productive for me, because it allowed me to reflect, to realize what I want to do and where I want to direct my future work. Helping others has always been in my mind, because I grew up watching people go through many difficulties, poverty, addiction, abuse, forgetfulness and with it thousands and thousands of negative feelings and emotions that harmed (more) the day to day of these people. Last semester I understood the power of writing for forgiveness, to overcome, to grow and, in one way or another, to try to forget the bad, this was from my own experience and really that it was one of the most enriching feelings. For this reason, the idea of writing memoirs as a tool and path to forgiveness and therapy had been floating around in my head. I am afraid of the last words because I have no idea about psychology, therapy, counseling, but it allows me to take new challenges and risks all in favor of being a person of help for others.