Tightening the Tennis Racket Strings

I have spent considerable time this week (so far) combing my memoir and literature review. I was surprised to find that there were better ways of phrasing things in both. It’s all like tightening tennis racket strings so that you can be ready for optimal game performance.

In the upcoming Thanksgiving week, I will spend time trying to fill in any gaps in my literature review. There are still a few areas I would like to explore regarding my reactions to professional care for my mental health issues. It has been difficult to find articles on such issues, but I’m not giving up.

I still need to go through the literature review to determine if the different categories are placed in the correct place. I did not alphabetize them because I felt that I needed to include issues in their order of importance, as it relates to my memoir. I hope that this is acceptable, Dr. Zamora. Additionally, in the next coming weeks, I will have to check that my citations are in proper MLA form. I am used to the APA citation format and I only re-learned MLA last year. I have a great book for checking proper citation form so I do not think that the process will be arduous. It will just take time.

I hope that everyone has a great Thanksgiving! Be well.