Snap Out of It!

Snap Out of It!

This is a famous scene from Moonstruck and it is what I have been attempting to do this week. Things got weird on Wednesday (before class) and deteriorated throughout the week and weekend. It’s fine. I handled it, with minimal sleep. But then I got to thesis and I felt that it was handling me. When I reserved time to work on my literature review re: depression, I kept running into looping searches where my terms just would not yield useful articles. You all know me, right? I’m not afraid of rolling up my sleeves, but when it yields minimal results, I get stuck and frankly, I feel guilty.

I did finally find a few good articles, but I didn’t get as far as I wanted to. Time is pressing forward. “Show me the money!” Well, show me the relevant work, search engines and Library Commons. I really need to get over myself and snap out of it. I switched gears and tweaked my chapters, adding in some key details.

I know that I have a great work ethic; but I need to keep reminding myself that this is only a bump in the road. This song does that for me. It has always been a great motivator and it serendipitously coincides with Veterans’ Day:

Hard Work, MANIFEST!

I hope things go better today and into the next week. I’ve still got life (wish there was a pause button) and classes to deal with, but I expect better from myself. I look forward with learning with all of you this week.

The Outline (blog post 10)

Hi and welcome back to another week! These days I’ve been feeling a bit of stagnation ( I know you’re wondering what happened to my gazelle intensity right?). But the days are passing by and I’ve been feeling the same routine happening over and over again and it feels like I’m so close yet so far away from the finish line. Even so, I pushed through this fatigued feeling and started working on my introduction. The hardest part about writing any research is the introduction part, even though I know where I want my research to go, finding where to begin has been mind-boggling this week. Nevertheless, I don’t want to lose sight of the main points I want to make, which is that ESL classrooms are necessary for immigrant students and needed in every school district. The second is proving that family support is necessary for ESL learners to have a successful education career .

I have made progressive efforts to make this point. In the last two weeks, I got into some data research and findings that were significant for making my point. (I know a lot of it was boring reading but I hope you were able to find something edifying in the reports.) Moving forward I will continue to work on my draft research outline (which I outlined below to give you a glance at what I’m working on). So far I have completed steps 4-6 and step 9. In the next two weeks, I will complete the draft introduction and rationale sections of the paper, and next month I want to complete the discussion of the research and conclusion section. 

Final Outline for thesis write up

  1. Abstract (1 prg) : straight and direct
  2. Introduction (3 pages): the purpose of the study & description of the study. 
    • More detailed than the abstract 
    • Background about what the reader will read. 
    • ( in this section describe how the paper will be structured and clearly state the writer’s main purpose)  
  3. Rational (4 pages): write a background on all research that has been done on your study topic follow this with what is missing) 
    • Identifying the gaps in literature & emphasize why it is important to address those gaps 
    • This section includes a discussion of the literature review 
    • A rationale describes the underlying basis for the study 
    • ** Don’t just say what you’ve done but EXPLAIN why you’ve done it referring back to your research and the information that is to be communicated  
  4. Methodology (6 pgs): Auto-ethnography
    • This section includes a description of auto-ethnography and what it is (from lit review) 
    • Include second free write ( an ESL experience)  
  5. Research and data Collection (1 .5 pgs.) 
    • Include information about census and reports 
  6. Data collection continued… (10 pgs.) meet the sources 
    • Include interviews 
  7. Discussion of Research (2 pages) 
  8. Conclusion (1 pg)
  9. Annotated Bibliography (6 pages) 

Next Week

Stay tuned and come back again next week to read a glimpse of my introduction and rationale piece. Thank you for stopping by. Have a great weekend!