Tunnel Vision Ahead

” In any conflict, be sure you know what you really want, and whether what you are doing is actually helping you get there.”

Greetings fellow thesis writers and readers,

This week’s post will be short, sweet and very simple.

The above quote mentions conflict but I am not necessarily referring to actual conflict (disagreement/argument), I mean more of an undecided feeling. My current conflict refers to the status of my thesis. So far I believe I have all of the criteria for my project completed. I have double and tripled check my work but I still feel as if something is missing. I literally just finished rereading most of my background context, lit review, introduction and poems. Now it could all be in my head but I do feel a bit anxious.

My number one priority right now is to begin creating my new wordpress site. For now there isn’t much more to say besides stay tuned for me finding enough time to sit and be creative.

I am using this blog site as an example as to how I would like the new to look. This site took all weekend because I accidently got rid of all of my previous blogs. I damn neared cried my eyes out after yelling at my laptop lol.

I refuse to experience the same stress, so I will definitely take my time.

Well for now I end this dry and semi-drab post.

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