Summer 2020

Hi and welcome back to another week! Today is the last class of the semester and honestly where did all the time go! 2020 has been such a whirlwind that it seems like everything is just happening and moving swiftly. Summer soon come yet we still don’t know if our society will return to a normal as it was before. Even so, I hope for the best and wish everyone continue to stay safe and sane because we are all in this together.  

Summer 2020

My thesis work has been moving slowly but surely this semester. This summer, however, I want it to be different. I plan to have a more gazelle-like approach moving forward. There are several goals and ideas I have in mind to continuously work on. I’ve created a timeline for these goals.  

June- Read, Read, Read!

  • Work on bibliography
  • Literature observation and resources

With school coming to an end and also the world stopping (lol basically), I will have all the free time to read more. In this month I want to work on the bibliography part of my research. Literature observation is also the root of this project because it helps to understand the reasons for my questions.

  • Background information

I also want to continue working on my personal background story. This is the essence of my auto-ethnography research so I want to include as many relevant details from my story for research purposes. 

July- Ask The Questions

This month I plan to conduct case analysis with interview questions that I have created in the last blog post. This will include meeting with individuals and create times for discussions. While interviewing I plan to write down answers and also audio record interviews just in case I miss anything. This method of observation will most likely extend into the next month.

August- Get The Facts

I want to include statistical research information in my auto-ethnography to support my research claims. The US Census provides accurate information and numbers for any type of research. I want to use this platform to have a more realistic idea about the percentages of students who are in ESL classrooms yearly using an information pool for just the state of New Jersey. Another point I want to research is the description of the total number of school districts that offer ESL classes in the elementary grade level. With these results and data, I collect I want to analyze this research information in my study.

These are the plans I have for summer 2020! I’m not sure what this summer holds, hopefully, the world as we knew it begins to come together again, and life is not difficult. I want to go outside again and sit in a park without the fear of dying. Please, everyone, stay safe and healthy, until next time : )

The Best Laid Plans…

I cannot believe this is out last class of the semester. Now that it’s over, it feels like it’s truly flown by! It also feels weird even thinking about driving to campus for class at the start of the semester-it feels like a lifetime ago!

But I am proud of all of us for being able to adjust and accommodate to virtual instruction as well as we have! As Elle Woods once said, “WE DID IT!”


So my plan for this week was to make a plan for the rest of my thesis and my goal was to map out up until the end of October. Well when I sat down to map that out, I got to June 22, when we start the summer course, and realized I had to stop. My plan was to map out how many chapters to work on a week, but the reality is, that without a completed series grid, I cannot do that. It wouldn’t be authentic. 

So my current plan is to finish half of the series grid (up to the climax) by June 8th, so in the next two weeks. THEN, for the next two weeks, I plan to work on finishing the series grid  and also creating a more comprehensive plan (so by June 22nd). This more comprehensive plan will include the chapters I want to work on each week leading up through the end of the summer. Then my plan for the fall will be revisions and last minute edits.

I also continued to work on developing the series grid which you can see here



well now what

Not gonna lie, submitting my thesis was pretty anticlimactic. Makes sense, considering.

There she is. All the essentials are completed, but there are some extra elements that are “under construction,” as it were. I want to work on them. I will, but I need a minute lol…

So I guess… I’m done. With my MA, I mean. I said it a lot on the site, that I want to continue in the same realm of studies, just in different ways. The Let’s Plays, the E-Lit piece, the podcast. They’ll all come around in time, and I’ll update the site when they do.

In the meantime, I wanna wrap up a few personal projects for my own sanity’s sake. I’m writing out a summary for the latter half of that 10 year old fanfic I mentioned. Wanna post that so I can move on, in a sense. Who knows? Maybe I’ll go back and actually write it someday. At the least, I want the story to be out there. (And I wanna use those OCs in ODDN hehehehheh don’t tell anybody.)

So that’s where I’m at. Last class meetup is tomorrow, then virtual graduation in a few weeks, then I’m done. Doesn’t feel real. But it’ll hit me, I think.

Fun fact: YouTube is hosting a virtual commencement and… y’all, the list of speakers.


I mean?? ??? ???? ??

I get to brag I had all these rad people at my commencement. Tangentially, I guess. bUT STILL.

I also love how it’s Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, BTS. BTS. Thank u YouTube. Relevant To My Interests. They saw I’d be missing BTS 2 feet from me so they said “here u go have them personally congratulating u on ur achievements.” thank u 4 mi life.

Also The Try Guys. Wowie. I just fell down the rabbit hole into that fandom and. They’re such good dudes. Really.

Sigh. Marking my calendar for that.

So. I’ll probably post here again after a while. Just with updates and such. Seems fitting.

ttyl, gang, it’s been rad


the last quick update wow

well heck it’s the last monday before my thesis is due on friday

once it’s submitted i’ll make some kinda emo post after i sleep and play breath of the wild for a week

where i’m at right now.

  • interviews are all up.
  • added a search feature that’s more for MY benefit for finding stuff that’s already on the site. here i’ll link it again for easy access.
  • did some formatting fixes bc i’m a perfectionist
  • found most of the towers in breath of the wild
  • I HAVE A VIGNETTE DONE. 25% THERE. didn’t take too long so yeah i’ve just been hyping them up bc they’re the last bits i gotta finish.

after the vignettes are done and THROWN on the site i just gotta type up some bit parts, like the future project pages, the glossary, edit the credits for the homepage that i updated uwu spot the differences.



Project Map Completion / 5 Reference Stories

For this week, I found myself looking over more ideas for the completion of the map for my story. This time around, I came up with some ideas for my resolution and conclusion, which I was satisfied with. Because in the I have worked on many projects that always end in a similar way, and because I have been so used to reading works where the main character always has a happy ending that focuses on them, I worked around that idea this time. The result was that the protagonist for my story will not be having a happy ending, but his death will result in a probable salvation for the rest of the world. In a sense, his tragic death will trigger and heroic effect.

In addition to working on the completion for the map of my story, I spend some time looking up interesting stories that serve as references to the work I am crafting. And because I had a large of to pick from, I focused on finding similar stories that I would really be interesting on reading, not just skimming though. Allowing myself to read some of these additional similar works with interest will allow me to learn more how those works were crafted and the many components that came together to from them. This in return will also help me on the crafting of my project because I will have more understanding on the choices I must take for my work to be just as good. So far, from my list, I am most interested on the stories of I Am Legend (Matheson), and The Stand (King).

(1) Never Let Me Go, by Kazuo Ishiguro

A dystopian science-fiction and coming-of-age story with a cast fated since birth to never see an advanced age, and its dystopia is one all-too-familiar: a world in which certain classes live well, and others are effectively doomed.

(2) Nineteen Eighty-Four, by George Orwell

The NSA, the War on Terror, the rise of Fake News as a capital-letter concept; the world is seemingly more Orwellian by the day, more horrifying than any alien invasion, nuclear wasteland or supernatural-disaster.

(3) Earth Abides, By George R. Steward

 begins with a rampant disease killing off most people in America. A young grad student, the wonderfully named Isherwood Williams, has managed to survive in the mountains — but after he emerges from his “temporary” sabbatical, he finds civilization entirely collapsed. After a mostly fruitless cross-country road trip searching for fellow human life, Ish agrees to have children with another survivor, Emma. They form a new society of sorts, but without electricity or other modern advantages, they must revert to a semi-primitive lifestyle: hunting and gathering for food and eschewing literacy in favor of survival skills.

(4) I Am Legend, by Richard Matheson

Like Earth Abides, it also begins with a pandemic. But there’s a twist: the disease doesn’t just decimate the population, it also turns them into vampire-like mutants who want to infect all other humans. The only remaining hope for civilization appears to be Robert Neville, a lone man driven to discover the scientific cause of the disease and find a cure, before he himself is affected. His wife and daughter have already perished from the disease; even the dog he takes in as a last-ditch companion ends up becoming infected. Neville finds hope in the existence of another survivor, Ruth… but she seems to have her own agenda that doesn’t necessarily align with his.

(5) The Stand, by Stephen King

The Stand is a post-apocalyptic tale that stems from a deadly virus, but King’s development of it is singular. He terrifyingly describes the initial outbreak of “Project Blue” and the military’s failure to contain it. The deadly sweep of influenza extinguishes 99% of the world’s population, leaving society in tatters.

Developing Questions

Hi and welcome back to another week! I hope you are staying safe and indoors for yet another week of quarantine. This weekend I revived and edited some of the base questions presented from last week. Below is an updated list of these questions.

Developing Questions

  1. Please tell me about your experiences in an ESL classroom?
  2. How has your family influenced your success in learning while in an ESL education?
  3. What factors create a challenge in learning a new language? 
  4. What is your greatest fear about learning a different language?
  5. Do you believe family involvement is important for English learning students?
  6. What are your views about being in an ESL classroom?
  7. How important is the ESL classroom?
  8. Do you believe students learn language through playing/ behaving with other learners?
  9. What is your greatest challenge being in an ESL classroom?
  10. How important is the educational background of an ESL teacher? and how does it affect the classroom? 
  11. Do you believe all immigrant students need ESL learning? 

Teachers Appreciation Week 2020!

I hope you all have an amazing week. This week is also a very special one, its teachers’ appreciation week! Teaching during this unprecedented time can be very difficult. Teachers are doing the same level of dedicated work while they are home also trying to survive this quarantine lockdown. Their work is thankless and very much appreciated! We love our teachers and encourage every one of them during this pandemic.

Almost to the Top of the Mountain!

Meaning….I think I’ve got MOST of the rising action ironed out! AND I figured out what Trevor did to land himself in court ordered therapy! For the full details you’ll have to wait to read about it, but you can see a quick blurb about it in the image below! 

I feel great about this story development, but I also felt overwhelmed and a bit concerned as I was mapping it out. This story feels so BIG at times. Like I still have so much of the story left to tell. Which I can handle. So, I took a breath and took a break because I knew if I looked at this diagram any longer I would start to overthink things, and right now I’m happy with it!

I also IMG_0040felt a bit concerned because what started out as an idea to write solely about OCD, has morphed into a love story between two struggling teens, and I’m worried I’m not focusing on the OCD aspect with as much love and care as I originally intended. BUT I reminded myself that in this plot diagram it is simply that: the plot points. More of the action. And that within each of these events is where I will develop the aspects of each of their specific mental health issues. 

I’m also so afraid that this isn’t an original story. I have read so many books, but YA specifically, that I’m so afraid these aren’t truly my ideas. But then I keep reminding myself that while YA is complicated and wonderful, it is also simple at times. There seems to be a formal for YA romance, or any rom com really. Girl meets boy. Boy meets girl. Boy and girl don’t get along at first, or can’t be together, or some thing like that. Boy and girl end up bonding. Boy and girl end up falling for each other. Some friends or family members are concerned. Girl and boy defy (or don’t-but mostly do because it is YA after all) the odds! The end! 

So this all made me feel better that while I’m not taking anyone’s story and recreating it, I am simply using the formal for this genre! Or at least the formal I’ve seen through reading so much! That’s it for now-I still have more of the rising action to iron out, and then the climax/falling action/resolution, but I’m feeling great about my progress!