[twelve] days of christmas

This has been A Joke™.

I’ll be here til December 19th.

Hope everyone had a lovely break and didn’t experience an overwhelming shock of plunging back into work life.

It feels like a lot but also not much has happened… Lemme explain.

Things You Missed/What’s Goin’ On:

  • I got a heater for my office bc it’s Dang Cold nowadays and this building doesn’t know what proper heating is.
  • Social Stress and I will leave it at that.
  • I got a touch-up on my tattoo. And now I want more tattoos. I have my eyes on Friday the 13th flashes but don’t tell my mom.
  • I put up all my animeNYC prints in my office. I think I’m the official weeb (please see Definition #2) of the English department. Fun fact: the definition relates to some things mentioned in a few interviews ayyyy we love when things come together in a tight knot of nonsense.
  • I have! Eight (8)! Interviews! Done!
    • And! Three (3)! More! Planned!
      • I know we said I’d do 10 in class but I lowkey highkey forgot that one of my friends said yes and my best friend was like “why don’t you interview _____?” and I was like. Well heck. That’d be pretty cool. And so now I have 3 more planned instead of 2. Resulting in 11 … I also have like 4 more in mind and 11 is a gross number and 15 is so nice but Would That Be Too Much? Honestly I’m like JennaMarbles. I too have a Too Much Gene. So I’m like Numb to thinking so.
        • Wait hold up that’s a cool thing to talk about, actually. Lemme link some stuff.
          Jenna Describing Her Too Much Gene (2:08-3:27) [there she is. the queen of my life]
          The Too Much Gene – Sarah Doty [wow did I ghostwrite this]
          I’m getting flashbacks to all the time I was extra as hell about projects. Like when I made a Wind Waker Link out of equations for my math class. Or the time I made a 7 foot long scarf that looked like the sword from Transistor for my Secret Santa. Or the time I made a 20 foot long 4th Doctor scarf instead of the actual 10 feet it’s supposed to be. Or the time I wrote 12 pages for my middle school “complete the horror story” project and my classmate wrote 2 sentences and it ended the story way better. Or any time I cosplay. Or the time I-
      • Anyway, it’s a thing.
      • But. Hm. Maybe 11 isn’t a gross number? Or I can just get 12? We’ll discuss in class, I guess.
  • I’m annotating my research. There are a bunch of post-its sticking out of Participatory Culture now. This week, I wanna see where I’m at. Get everything organized that I have so far research-wise and make an outline of sorts of the general ideas that are sticking with me. It feels like a broken-record effect since I did a similar thing at the beginning of the semester, but I suppose all research is broken-record like once you go from general topic search to narrowed focus. Anyway, I’m rambling.
  • I’ve started drafting the outline for my Self Documentary (or whatever it’s gonna be called) posts. I’m kind of using my interview script as the guideline for the posts, but not completely, as we’ve talked about. I want to have an intro post of sorts–an Episode 0, if you will–describing my overall experience with fandom in general, hitting questions like:
    • What does it mean to be a fan of something?
    • Have you been part of a fan community?
    • How important is/are your fandom(s) to you? Why is it important?
    • Has fandom experience played a part in your identity/how you identify yourself today? How so?
  • And perhaps the content creation question as well? Just for an overall view like how the other interviewees tackled the question. Then, in the later, fandom/era-specific posts, I’ll give more detailed case-by-case experience.

So. I think it’s coming along. I’m excited for the direction it’s taking but also scared I’ll overwhelm myself.

But hey, never stopped me before, y’know?


Back from “Vacation”

Well, that was some long weekend. I was hoping to take advantage of that little window to work hard on my thesis project, and I’m happy to announce that I did. Though, the word ‘hard’ would be up for debate. A lot of interesting developments have occurred. For one thing, the ending to my story has now changed. I have completely revised the final “act”, and shortened its length tremendously. I came to the realization that the ending I had in mind would require an entire new act to reach, which was actually my original plan; creating a 4-act story as an attempt to break the norm of 3-act story structure. It looks like I’m back to following the traditional route though. One of the major reasoning behind it, and an obvious one, was the time limitation. I should probably use the term ‘limitation’ loosely here, as I am the one who limits the time at hand. Perhaps I could’ve had the time needed if I managed it better, but then again, as one of the themes within the story, it was perhaps “not meant to be”. The character arcs are still intact. They still reach the points I had intended, it’s the road getting there that has changed. The biggest sacrifice in the story was unfortunately the villains. They’re sadly no longer fleshed out, instead they serve as symbols that represents the worst side of each main character. The story is now ends at Chapter 32. Depending on how I continue to revise it, I may have to add one or two more chapters to it. Including the three additional interlude chapters, the total amount will probably end up around 36 or 37 chapters. Can I push it to 40? If it serves the story, then why not? We’ll see.

In terms of its presentation, the Flipbook idea is unfortunately out of the window. Every single “free” application that I’ve managed to find is simply a trial version that requires me to register, otherwise (an annoying) watermark is placed on the file. It may not necessarily be a big deal for the final submission, but for some reason, it still bothers me. It seems like the digital distribution field has become extremely competitive among companies and they all try to take a piece of the pie, so to speak. The entire process feels like making a deal with a real publisher in real life. Once to register and use their application, then the distribution “rights” belongs to them. I don’t feel like I’m just there yet. I’ll be looking into another method that I had thought of, that is the digital comic book reader (CBR). It’s a much easier application to work with. The downside is the limitation of customization. I do not know if it is possible to view GIF files on them, but if it is, then it’d be a perfect way to present the story in a digital form. Not that I’m planing on creating animations, no time for that obviously, but as a means to create subtle effects on pages to enhance the viewing experience. That is something that I need to do research on more.

Speaking of research… No, I have not done much for the Lit Review. I was completely focused on writing the story. I really think it paid off as I believe that I should be done with it by the end of this upcoming weekend. Then I can dedicate myself to writing the Lit Review, and putting everything together for the final submission the following week. Yes, we’ve only got two full weeks before it’s due. Am I feeling anxiety? Not anymore, I’m happy to say. I now have a clear-cut road map to follow to reach “the end”: This week’s objective is finishing up the rest of my story; the next week is going to be reserved for final Lit Review; and the final week is going to involve putting everything into a neat “package” to hand it off. I also do not expect any surprising obstacles… hopefully. Should I cross my fingers just in case? Then again, it could jinx my luck, so… never mind. I’ll probably be writing one final blog post to reflect on how this particular process has been like, but until then… I wish the best of luck to my peers.

Week 13: Writing My Way to Answers

I am not going to spend a lot of time on this post because I feel like every second counts. This past week was definitely the panic one.
Everything fell apart, nothing seemed connected. But what do they say about being in the hallway? Keep walking when you can't see the light at either end.

Still take breaks. Yesterday I had to put it away and not touch it. I was sick of everything about my thesis.

This morning, I picked up a section randomly and within five minutes made a bunch of connections. So.......More writing.

Hope everyone is well. I have been missing Thursdays.