[four & five] oops (feat. progress)

That feel when u forget to put up a blog post and only realize it the next week. Love thAT FOR ME.

Basically, last week I took a look at Anastasia Salter’s research on hypertext, gender studies, and fandom, which are pretty much most of the areas I wanna hit with my own academic research. Snagged a bunch of links to check out, including a podcast episode (“Designing Inclusive Games for the Higher Ed Classroom“) Salter was a guest on.

One funny thing about this podcast was when the problematic elements of BBC’s Sherlock was brought up. What makes this funny is that I just watched a 2 hour long video earlier in the week titled “Sherlock is Garbage, And Here’s Why” that discussed very similar elements, which included the creators’ abject hatred for shipping and fanfiction culture. Having been a fan of the show in high school, I hadn’t fully realized that fandom (particularly the female side of fandom) was being made fun of.

Well maybe rethink the intentional queerbaiting, then. How about that, Mark & Steven? It’s getting old and the LGBT+ fandom community is pretty tired.

Anyway. Sitting back and looking at all the info I’ve found over the past few weeks is… a lot. Ever have so much info all tangled up in your head that you can’t make sense of in words, so nothing ends up coming out? Mood.

I’m still working on sifting through my sources, checking out games, and… I guess… in a way, I’ve done some “field work” on fandom. Last Saturday, I attended New York Comic Con for the first time, and for the most part I stuck to the show floor and Artist Alley (which is objectively the best part of any convention, hands down). Kinda bummed because a bunch of the panels seemed cool, but [excuse][excuse][excuse], so I didn’t go to any. But hey, apparently the panels go on YouTube? I’ll see if I can find them. But anyway, just seeing other people get excited over fandom stuff makes you feel a sense of inclusion, y’know? It’s good to be around like-minded* people, even if you’re not of the same fandoms.

*Not even like-minded, because as we know, gatekeeping is a Thing, but like… like-hyped? Like-… impassioned? 

Which… I guess leads me to an epiphany I had a few days ago regarding how I can bridge together all the topics I’ve been looking into over the weeks. I mentioned inclusion just now, and elements of exclusion earlier on the part of content creators @ fan creators. With those points, as well as a few others that relate, I (unintentionally) came up with a tentative title for the academic portion of the project: Dichotomy of Fandom: Inclusion & Exclusion in Fan Creator Communities

Or something like that. Focusing primarily on fan fiction, I can touch on its relationship to hypertext, fandom in general, gender studies (both in the writing and outside of it)… all on how there’s this space that allows for creators to be and express themselves in ways that mainstream media shoves aside, while also being ostracized for doing just that by members of that same community and that mainstream media…

That… better make sense.

I also think that the theme of “(in/ex)clusion” exists in the story of my e-lit piece–(I link as though that summary makes any sense whatsoever)–so discussing all this theory and real-life discourse and then filtering it into a creative piece… kinda follows the fanfiction writing process, doesn’t it?

We’ve come full circle, lads. The Circle of Stupidity is complete.

And on that meme, I’ll end this post. Week’s not over yet, so I hope to be able to start compiling tentative sources in a nice, neat list rather than a mess of bookmarks in my google chrome window. I mean look at this:

Screenshot 2019-10-08 at 13.34.11
This is a mess.

At least… it’s all in one place? -shrug-