Simply Checking In

Unfortunately, I do not have much to share this time around. It’s funny that I kept referring to my previous posts as “brief” but I think this is going to be the shortest one yet.

The only thing that I should mention here is that I’m in full-steam-ahead mode. I really need to get the Act 2 of the story done before next week, or by the end of next week at latest. It’s strange that when I have the entirety of the story (this particular portion at least) and I just need to put it on paper, it feels like “labor” work. I just need to put the hours in and get it done. It’s still fun though. You can think of it as working at a place that you actually like. The problem is, as always, the time limitations.

On a more positive note, I have made an interesting discovery in my story. It turns out that there is an interesting theme is at play which I was not fully aware of, and it just dawned on me. I remember discussing its possible implementation within the story back during Writer’s Retreat course but I was not completely sure that I could do it (justice). Well, it seems like that theme is better implemented than the other ones that I touched upon previously. I still feel like I’m playing a little close to the chest with that one, so I won’t delve into it here. Maybe in the future, when it’s completely fleshed out and clear.

What else? I’m not sure what to say, really. Since I’m going to focus on strictly the writing this (and possibly next) week, I won’t have time to read any new articles for the research part. Those poor articles… They just need someone to read them but nobody has got the time for it [shakes head]. The joking aside, I’m quite certain that I’ll be able to dig back in once the more important writing aspect is complete. I’m also excited about the suggestion of my peers about musical patterns and how it could be something to “play with” within the story. That requires some research though, on my part. So, it’s something (quite interesting) for later.

Here’s hoping to write a very positive blog post for next week.