A Quick Visit

Today felt more like a quick check in rather than an actual full-blown class, if I may be honest. Since it was a short class, this is going to be a short blog. And, that’s it. Thank you for reading! Well… that may be too short. I’d like to mention that I did do some revisions/additions to a couple of the paragraphs in my story, so there was (a tiny bit of) progress. Also, listening to others and their work during the Author’s Chair exercise, along with the feedback from “the audience”, has the great potential of noticing certain gaps and missing exposition in my own work. The last time we’ve had a chance to do one, it was just Gianna and me. So, I only had witnessed one critique as an “audience” member. It’s interesting (and good) to be witnessing more. Unfortunately, I find it difficult to offer any sort of constructive feedback for something that is outside of my expertise. If only I knew more about Grant Statements. Oh, well. I’m interested in seeing how the next week goes. It’s time for a little break (the memorial weekend).