How to make rice, for Eric

Here's how to make the rice.

Just a regular bag of rice, not minute rice.

It can be any kind of oil. Use a pat of butter
 if you don't have oil.

Here's the directions on the rice. Follow them.
But I always add a little extra rice. I don't like
it to be sticky.
It doesn't have to be a measuring cup.
Any cup is fine. Put the water, 2 spoonfuls of oil, and 2 spoons of salt in pot. Rinse the rice, pick out any bad floating bits. 

Turn the flame to high, to boil the water.
This rice is not ready to be stirred.
This rice is ready to be stirred.
Stir the rice good. Scrape the bottom and sides.

Turn the flame to low
Put the lid on, and set a timer for 20 minutes.
Check if the rice is done. If it's sticky,
cook it another 5 minutes.