Creating a New Environment 2017-07-29 02:19:00

Blog 4
Hope Wilson
Progress Report

Monday my computer crashed. I lost approximately two thousand words. It killed my mo jo for two

days. I could not get back to my  mindset of inspirational writing. My story begin reading like a

biography. I am attempting to write a young adult book that will inspire children in poverty to

persevere. Thursday I picked up my iPad and it was back. That inspirational concept where I left off

at Sunday.  Then I had to play catch up. It was great that I was off Thursday. I wrote four thousand

words Thursday and completed my fourth book Friday. Saturday is my girlfriend 50th birthday party

and I want to attend. As promised and according to the class assignment I will continue to write until

Wednesday. I will focus on my introduction, conclusion, and my book dedication.

Good luck guys in your life journeys. Maybe I will see some of you in passing or in class.

Good luck Dr. Zamora!!!