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Blog 3
Hope Wilson
Progress Report

My creative juices are increasingly growing and rapidly flowing. I am completing my books in 

great spirit. Writing these books has improved my spiritual being tremendously when writing. 

This assignment is exactly what my summer needs. This is a great distraction from some of 

my personal worries. Maintaining my one thousand word a day is now effortless. It has 

become a mental escape. It is equivalent to mediating for me. It has been confirmed. A 

couple of my purposes in life are definitely to become  an educator and assist children to 

achieve their purpose in life. Also to write young adult novels providing children a window 

into other children lives. Providing them with different ideologies.

Hey Guys! How is it going? Please feel free to bounce any ideas off me. I am checking my 
emails daily. I am also available to talk. My work hours are flexible.