Creating a New Environment 2017-07-14 00:57:00

Hope Wilson
Week 2 
Progress Report

Writing this inspirational children book has opened my creative thoughts in aspects I did not know 

exist. I am attempting to encourage children who are born into poverty and in uncompromising living 

situations. I am also making an effort to advise them of team work and the importance of sharing 

valuable information with other children in similar living conditions. I am attempting to encourage 

children to plan their escape legally with educational means. If this book inspires one child to 

persevere it will be an attribute to my legacy.

Guys I am still doing a lot of editing. This week my writing has began to flow free. Monday I 

began to write 1,000 words a day and it has been working great for me. Although I have 

not gotten use to the goal set forth. I have been meeting the 5,000 words a week. How are you guys 


Good Luck Guys!!!