Creating a New Environment 2017-07-08 23:35:00

Hope Wilson
Weekly Progress Report

First day of class was joy for me. I love learning and it is always a joy to 

meet people. Plus Dr. Zamora always creates a relaxing class environment.When I presented my 

word count in class I did not realize it was for all five books. My first book had consist of two 

thousand words. When I realized that I went into panic mode. I wrote for and hour 

Wednesday night which consist of one thousand words,  two hours Thursday night writing 

another thousand words in addition to editing the entire book, and three hours today which 

brought my word count to thirty five hundred. I will be writing all day Saturday until I reach my 

goal. Sunday I will be editing all of my writings again. I am constantly editing. I can not keep up with 

my thoughts. I am leaving out words and misspelling many words in the rush to reach my goal.  

Writing is fun without the pressure...:) This is definitely a challenge.

Good Luck Guys!!