English and Writing Studies Thesis 2017-04-27 19:28:00

I feel so proud to say I am basically done. Last week before I even met with my professor, I was already proud and felt like my paper was beautiful and complete. After meeting with my professor, I am proud to say all I really have to do is read back through part two add mini headings and see if I need to make some of my paragraphs smaller.

My parents also had the chance to read through my paper. My dad said it was really good, and my mom said she was so proud. She said my thesis was beautiful, real, and it made her laugh and cry.

I worked so hard. I decided to just leave my thesis as a hard copy, but I am considering doing more in the future.

I know none of this would be possible without God. I also thank my parents Deborah Burr and Dr. Lamont Burr, my professor Dr. Maria (Mia) Christine Zamora, and my classmates Jessica Taylor and David Murphy. I truly appreciate everything. 

By Gum, I think I’m Ready to Publish! by Debbie Bagnato

Yes that's the reality, I believe the site is finally ready. BUT then I find some small piece of wording on a page--other than the play I adapted (the actual project) and begin to revise that...So, I wait another day and find some other minute section I want to reword, ever so slightly, and so the tale goes. But, I had wanted to visit Dr. Z and do the actual publishing with her--a sort of security blanket? And that might be what I am waiting for--except my schedule is unpredictable of late--and sometimes erratic. And she is even busier than I am! These next few days will decide it for me--once I see my work schedule for next week, I can either go ahead and take that plunge (actually, push the little button that says "publish") or I can email my mentor and see if perhaps we can squeeze in one short piece of time. The concerns are non-related to the writing; I went word by word and found a few details to change but feel pretty confident it is in good shape. It is in the other pages that are directed to the reading public--the world of the internet. Among which will be my co-workerrs looking to see if they are mentioned, listed in the cast, and if their photos look presentable on my website.
My hope is that they are all pleased with what I have done; the store is the "setting" for my entire adaptation. Many of my co-workers are the modern-day cast members who shadow the original characters Aristophanes created back in 411 BCE. I simply noticed the similarities--and often exaggerated the likenesses--to create this piece set in this situation with these people. I feel a bit like I have stage fright--and the only cure for that is to get out onstage. If I feel the need to publish will remedy these cold feet, I will go ahead. Of course, I will be looking and checking all pages later (I just finished...) and then finishing up my other piece. I think my next blog might be read--if you choose to follow--on my website! Hope everyone is moving confidently towards their big finish and cannot wait to see you all on the eighth. Bye for now my writing chums.

Blogger’s on my Website!!! by Debbie Bagnato

So, I somehow managed to get Blogger on my website and am eternally grateful  it was simple to do!  Truthfully, it looked as if it was going to be a pain in the butt and when I googled it, was told (on one Website) that Wix did not support this activity. But then I figured I should check some other sites and the outcome was worth my trouble. I've been reviewing each page of my site now and trying to catch anything I previously missed--particularly the pages I wrote for my Gallery. The next section on the agenda, is a final review of my Real Character cast list; hoping I did a decent job with my earlier revisions as everything is situated to work with the pictures on these pages. But once I get through that group of pages I'll go through my actual project--my adaptation of Lysistrata--scene by scene. I'm praying that I don't want to change large pieces of it, but think I was satisfied with most of the project. I know myself though and I'll probably tinker with a line or stage direction here, there and everywhere. I will use restraint and try to picture this as not only a piece of writing but also a potential performance--for a lot of actors. The cast list is enormous which is why I included alternatives for casting directors; there is a section which provides the roles that can be doubled or tripled by actors allowing diversity for character actors and more opportunities to be onstage. It also cuts the cast in half and relieves backstage traffic. Not to mention money if one is paying actors for their performance; not an issue with high school or college theatre but AEA would not approve of unpaid performers... I realize that I am almost finished and can press the little "publish" button anytime now. That makes me rather nervous though--I want to push that key with Dr. Z (I am in rhyming mode today for some reason...) The difficult part is to make time--and see if she is available when I am. Hopefully I can be fully prepared by the middle to end of next week and she can spare a few minutes to sit with me--if not I will do this on my own and immediately email her in my angst that I have missed something of great magnitude. Jeez, I'm such a nerd...
My other project is moving along in spurts, but that's how this play has progressed from the beginning, as well as returning to scenes and adding dialogue and all of the stage directions that are in my head but need to be on the page. Hopefully, I will be finishing that by next week (the latest) and will continue my revisions as I go. Then I need to reach out to Premiere Stages and find out when I might submit this play as it has a very small cast and might be accepted by them--if they find it worthwhile. It does not address a social issue of any specification as many of the plays they produce do, but simply is creative nonfiction presented in a humorous, yet honest fashion. I 'll submit anyway and take any pointers I may receive. Lord knows, I need all the help I can get!
That's it for now; hope everyone is wrapping up their loose ends and feeling excited about what we have all done. Pretty soon guys, we'll be graduating; this really flew by! And I am so grateful that I got to meet and share all of this time with you and be blessed with our Dr. Z leading us all the way. See you all soon!

English and Writing Studies Thesis 2017-04-20 17:58:00

                                                                                                                             April 20, 2017

Dear God,

Thank you! We worked so hard, and I am so proud! Thank you Lord for your love, help, strength, guidance, support, and knowledge! Thank you Lord for everything! We did it! 



Creating a New Environment 2017-04-17 18:23:00

Hope Wilson

The Activist Learner

Inquiry, Literacy, and Service to Make Learning Matter

By Jeffrey D. Wilhelm, Whitney Douglas, and Sara W. Fry

Foreword by Mary Beth Tinker

Afterword by Bruce Novak

      Teaching to the test was never my favorite approach to engage students in classroom assignments.

Students will talk more if they knew their voices matters “From responding with interest when

students are enthusiastic about something like the opportunity to raise a shark, to being incense about

human rights violations, to being an attentive listener to student conversation, teachers can identify

potential topics. Remember that the underlying goal of inquiry is to connect students personally to the

materials of the curriculum and then connect what is learn back to the world in a way that it can be

used,” also increasing their personal growth. When teachers and students are communicating on a

person level it makes a great learning relationship. Service learning projects also improves teachers

relationships “ In addition to having the capacity to help improve service learning projects, work as

thinking partners provides rewarding collegial connections. When challenges arise and seen

overwhelming, thinking partners serve as mentors who see possibilities and remind one another of the

greater purpose of teaching with service learning. Positive collegial connections and support help

teachers remain and thrive in the profession” which may encourage other educator to engage in the

service learning projects. The parents expectations are familiar as they are consider “another site of

resource and support, as they can reinforce and extend at home what students are learning and doing

at school,” as they enhance their relationship with their child, increase their quality time, and

encourage better work ethics.
        The Activist Learner concept prepares students for future endeavors and personal relationships.

Service learning will increase students concept on the laws of life as their articulation skills increases.

It will also intensify their community life as it does takes a village to raise a child. 

Principles for Practice
What is Social Action?
Jennie Fleming, Ian Boulton

     I can identify and appreciate this valuable selection. It cleared up my concept on Social Action. I had concerns with the generic term social action,” Social Action is a community development theory base on the simple premise that change is possible. The Social Action approach enables groups of all ages and circumstances to take action and to achieve their collective goals. It offers an easy-to understand, open-ended process that enables people to identify and act on issues that are important to them while a set of principles. For us at the Centre for Social Action, Social Action is a distinctive methodology and should not be confused with the generic term social action, which describes activity aimed at brings about change in society.” engaging people in the necessities of change. Encouraging people to acknowledge their situation and persevered as they interact with their environment and the community.  Life appreciation is also encouraged” Injustice and oppression are complex issues rotted in social policy, the environment, and the economy. Social Action workers understand that people may experience problems as individuals but that these difficulties can be translated into common concerns. We recognize that there are many different problems in individuals’ lives. They may feel overwhelmed and daunted by mean: they may even be responsible for them. Social Action gives people the opportunity to break free from a negative view” which is the greatest approach when encouraging someone.
      Analyzing social change is familiar. Encouraging people to share themselves and work with

others are amazing. Getting people to not focus on being judged of their bad decision instead to focus

on The Social Action Process is awesome. The process is structured and work with everyone that

allows the process to work for them. It must be rewarding for all involved “to be allowed to reach

their conclusion in their own time” which takes away all constraints. When someone life is

unbalanced and then it becomes balanced you get to appreciate the person's soul.

Almost Home! by Debbie Bagnato

This past week, I have cleaned up a few quirky spots, changed some photos in my Gallery, added, changed, or re-created a couple of lines I wasn't crazy about but mostly, I just fixed little clunky things I caught. Some were in the writing but more were on the website--Martha is on point about the strange animal of editing on one's website instead of any other way. But, I am actually feeling alright about this; in truth, I am very glad that I completed the writing when the situation and the people in my store were similar to their depictions in my play. Most of my "real" cast has been transferred or fired. My own position is being tampered with (again) making my open perception of the setting (my workplace) less complimentary. And I am being very kind. But, that is the nature of the beast and exactly why I chose this setting for a group of modern-day women who choose to fight back. If only Aristophanes method would actually work at store level as it does in my play...
Nonetheless, I am feeling almost ready to complete this thesis and hit that little button that says :"publish." ALMOST! But not quite yet--I will feel better after I meet with my peeps tomorrow and talk with Dr. Z; then I will have a clearer sense of what I need to do next. So hope everyone is doing super and cannot wait until we get to see each other and our work at the Symposium! Ciao for now...