Why Can’t I finish my "About Page"? by Debbie Bagnato

I have written heaps of wonderful, insightful information that captures everything I would like to say to my potential readers. I have laid out the photos-changed them--changed them again, and jotted down short blurbs to accompany these pics as well. The background is set, the colors, the lettering--BUT, I cannot seem to get the words onto the page. Once that is completed, (the impossible dream at this point) I still have to write a paragraph per page for my Gallery pages--basically six strong, informative pieces that reflect the nature of my project and its connection to the people. Easy stuff compared to everything that has been done so far. BUT, still I have nothing. Some random thoughts on numerous pages--yet I lack the ability to pull it all together. Am I burnt out? Somewhat, I'm sure. However, I really want to keep the momentum at the level its been at--up until now. I am secretly (not anymore) hoping that by seeing everyone tomorrow and perhaps hearing this author speak, I will take away the enthusiasm I need to finish the numerous ends that require my attention. I am also at a standstill in my other project, so I need to find some inspiration and embrace it fully--and write like a madman! My other project is more than halfway done--not too bad--but I do not feel the need to put it down on paper right now and that is disconcerting. My plan is simple due to this unexpected lapse; I will try and finish one page today, and then another on Friday; tomorrow will be off-limits due to work and school but if inspiration strikes I'll go with it. Forcing humor, or openness as on the website pages, doesn't fly but if I set smaller goals I am hoping I can surpass this phase--I'm not enjoying it one bit... Also, I think if I get the website cover pages filled in (hopefully to my liking) I can better focus on the completion of my other piece. I will continue to edit my thesis project--there is always something I find that needs a slight change or something added, etc. BUT, I need to feel like the website is truly "good to go" and place my passion in the other project (as before) so that I can give it the importance, and attention it deserves. Then I can go cuckoo over the last-minute revisions on the thesis, as I know I will, simply because the distance from it will allow me to be more objective with my final cut. That's my plan, and I will try and see it through--really. Hoping everyone else is sailing along with ease--and hoping my game plan works as well as I'd like it to. Bye for now.

Reflection 9 :)


jim-carey_excitedI am super excited to continue this masters journey. There is truly a fierce fire burning inside of me waiting to explode. I’m really prepared to go all the way with my chosen topic now. It is real and still academic. I’m going to set deadlines a couple weeks in advance of the real deadline. It helps me with my moments of procrastination to scare myself into doing things way before I have to. On the other hand…..

I’m almost losing my calm. I’m worried about screwing up in the translation from what is in my head to the paper. And then I’m worried about not completing my thesis on time.

But I’m hoping I just look back at this and surprise myself.