Got my Creative Commons License–Feeling Alright! by Debbie Bagnato

Yes, the title says it all--I did get the license and it is now on every page of my website. The process was simple so I made it a huge task by (see above) researching all the variations of all the licenses and worrying about getting the link etc., etc., etc. Printing out the "how-to" rules despite I had already checked off the needed steps. Luckily, I asked Dr. Z's opinion, and with that information decided to just get it done. That is when I figured out it was really not very difficult at all, and understood how I really overthink way too many things. BUT, it is now done and I am very glad. I rearranged the website after our class and like this so much better--thanks to Colin for noticing the strange order; I tend to get caught up in the "next" part I am tackling and neglect the part I am in the middle of and plan to "fix" before I am done. And then its late and I'm tired and tomorrow will be fine to straighten this out--and then I forget.. The same can be said of my final scene so I went back and cleaned up the hazy sections so my punchlines might punch a bit better--or at least not leave readers with questions or outright confusion. It looks a lot better now but I will re-read the full scene and fix any other oopsies in a few days--need to distance myself from it to be objective. The next big task is to take my free-writing--and there is a good amount--and transform it into a half dozen crisp paragraphs for my Gallery pages.Then I need to do the same with my main page for the play itself and also for my About page--but only one main paragraph for each and a short Bio for me; the rest will be descriptions of the stage set with visuals of both the ancient Greek stage and my modern day "Acropolis" right in the center of Metro Plaza Shoprite (instead of the center of the Greek stage...). My coworkers are really very excited about this project--they are either in it as my characters or simply part of it because they work there--hence the story is about them. This really keeps me going when I'm feeling discouraged so I am eternally grateful for these guys. For now, because I do have to write something constructive--I hope--I will end this blog much more quickly than usual--I have been up since quite early and feel I am running out of steam. Looking forward to seeing everyone next Thursday so until then, Cheers!