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Well, I am happy to tell you that my thesis website is beginning to look like a real website! There are sections that I have not done very much with as yet, but there are very definite plans for their future. As for the parts I am feeling excited about, my amazing group and Dr. Z's opinions/ suggestions/ capable help, will help me finish, polish and fix up. The only problem I recognize now is that I have ceased revising almost completely. When my group meets on Tuesday, we will read--probably--my last scene and after I complete the revisions on that (based on their feedback) there will not be very much left to revise on the actual piece. Instead, the About page and my Gallery entries--all of which pertain to the idea which prompted the writing of my thesis--will be the areas I must carefully revise. I still am rewriting, correcting and finding goof-ups I missed earlier, but my focus is directed more towards the entire website and its presentation as well as my representation of the entire thesis experience. The goal is to make it all inviting for people to read as well as enjoy the photos and the energy that inspired this work. I only hope that I am able to capture and express that honest emotion, laughter, pain, and caring in a simple, straightforward fashion. I will be free-writing a little tonight in an effort to get some "stuff" on paper; hopefully a starting point will be found and a direction that will fulfill my hopes.
Of late I am not finding the writing as easily as other times; perhaps my creative brain is aware that time is running short? My other piece is also moving slowly now but baby steps are better then none at all (I hope)...Any-hoo, the website which seemed so utterly impossible is becoming a reality--slowly but it will be done and that is very exciting for this not-so-computer-savvy-as-my-younger-classmates lady. The Creative Commons license is not chosen yet as I want to go over this with Dr. Z. There are several choices, but in my case, the one I think is more appropriate is not "free" while the less desirable one is. However, the site provides either one (it seems) and there is no fee required. In my confusion, I decided to check with the Doc before I make the wrong choice.

The other place I need advice is the addition of my blogs; should I simply provide a link to my entire thesis blog on Blogger? I imagine that makes the most sense, but again, will run this query by the Doc and group on Tuesday afternoon. My About page will probably be completed last; I think I need to write all the background info amidst the photos in my Gallery pages. Once I have that accomplished, I can focus on the smaller section "About" which will include some of my information. I would like to make this somewhat more personal than a simple bio piece, so hope to use the feeling set with the Gallery background information and continue--or actually begin--that conversation. The About page precedes the Gallery, so I might be working backwards--which is often a delightful way to go. Either way, I am babbling and need to be free-writing to get this in motion. Hope everyone is moving along with their projects and enjoying the ride; cannot wait to see everyone's remarkable work!


I have reached the editing stage for the bulk of my thesis and I am coming to realize that it may be the most difficult phase.  I have to streamline my thoughts and put them in a coherent order which has led me to make marks (*mostly undecipherable) all over my work.  The biggest difficulty as far as the content is concerned is to keep the focus on the broader landscape of journalistic challenges. I do not want this paper to be dated by the time I graduate. That means using good examples from what is happening in our journalistic/political world, but linking them to larger themes. I am combing through to make sure I have done that. As for a conclusion, I am waiting until I arrive there again as part of the editing phase. I fear that it will be a collection of obstacles with no good advice to navigate them going forward. Perhaps gathering them and defining them all in one place will be helpful in and of itself. Perhaps I will surprise myself and come up with a more concrete conclusion. In the meantime, I have also begun piecing together the website that will frame my work. It is here.




     I was blessed with two snow days this week. Unfortunately, my wife and kids only had one. On Wednesday, I had the house to myself for several hours and was able to get some work done. Not enough, but still. We've all had those writing sessions. The type where you feel as though you just haven't written enough.

     It's hard to look at a few paragraphs and rationalize the hours it took to write them. What was I doing the whole time? Is the clock wrong? On these occasions, it's helpful to remind yourself about the process you just went through. You may not be able to see all of the deleted work you were forced to abandon because it "didn't lead anywhere."

     But in truth, it did lead somewhere. Sometimes growing from an initial idea can be misconstrued as going off topic. Well, your topic just changed is all. You had a kernel of an idea that decided it wanted to be something different. Don't fight it. See where the writing takes you and what develops from it. It's finally starting to hit me that being stubborn stunts the process.

     My wife came downstairs after I had been writing for an hour. I felt embarrassed to show her the half page I had written, feeling it was unworthy of the time I had. An entire page that wasn't working for me had to be deleted and what remained looked pathetic. The abundance of white space on the screen mocked me, daring me to fill with amazing writing. When a new idea surfaced, I began to read about it so I would sound somewhat intelligent. This "research" took up most of my time.

     I looked at her sheepishly, expecting her to react negatively. Would she assume I've been spending all of my time looking at sports news? Instead, she said nothing. I confessed to her, "I had to change a lot of this, I've deleted about an entire page."

     She looked at me and said, "Isn't that how writing works?"

     I'm glad she already understands what I'm finally starting to.

English and Writing Studies Thesis 2017-03-16 13:10:00

           So, I really just want to use this post to state the accomplishments/changes that occurred since the last blog post. The second scheduled open dialogue was successful. There were unexpected moments beyond the expected unexpected moments, but I am satisfied with the results.
           I did a reflection after the open dialogue to briefly write down what occurred and what I learned. I have to say I learned more about my parents and myself. I am so proud my parents felt free to answer however they pleased, and I am proud of my myself. Only a couple of things were really prepared like the questions, the brief introduction before the open dialogue that stated what it was for etc., and when and where the open dialogue was going to take place. I also recorded myself on my phone for a few seconds just to make sure the volume was right. I thought about the questions. I knew how I would respond to certain questions because of my own personal feelings, but I did not go out of my way to memorize my answer or even write them down. To be honest, my dad asked questions that put me their position to just think really quick and respond. Overall, I am grateful for all the help I received and even the excitement to help.
My written prayers continue..........