Blog 5: Reviewing the Handouts

A literature review has never been so broken down as this did for me. Normally I just hear descriptions like think of this as a “brief summary” or a “overview.” This reading made me understand the importance of a literature review more deeply I really like thoughtful questions that come to mind. It is a “showcase of your talents of understanding, interpretation, analysis, clarity of thought, synthesis, and development of argument. It helps “clarify your own thoughts about your study or your creative endeavor.” It really makes me think about the applications and why I’m even looking for outside texts. I’ve actually gotten addicted to this search but I can’t possibly find everything possible out here. No questions came to mind as I read the lit review guidelines.

After reading the guidelines for early thesis proposal development I feel a rush of excitement as well as nervousness about finally getting to this point. I liked how it was described as “early map” or “architectural blueprint for building a house.” In my own words its really about planning and finishing the project successfully. I would like to know what #2 proposal element of “the importance of research in the context of various fields of study” means.