Website Building gives me a headache…by Debbie Bagnato

Yes, I have said it--website creations are super when they're finished BUT while in progress, they give me a headache! I am pleased that I seem to be making headway; I finally "get" the how to's I was previously missing. That is why I am staying with Wix--my aggravation earlier on is paying off now as I figure out the numerous quirks. And my initial work was actually quite extensive so staying put makes more sense than starting over. The tips Dr. Z gave me, and the fact that Colin is also using Wix made my mind up for me so I now have several pages completed and work on other new ones each night. My revisions are happening as I put things on the website and I rather like it that way. I rearrange a lot and am not sure exactly how I will organize this when I have all the pages finished but the game plan is in action and the alternative layout seems to take form as I progress. I will want the feedback of my group and especially Dr. Z so am trying to get as far along as time will allow. The more I have completed the easier it wll be to show them and get their suggestions and opinions. The revisions will continue for the main piece in Docs for the time being but the companion pieces such as the real character list, casting suggestions, and my About page are all workable as I put them on this website. The backgrounds and other appealing features are also becoming fun to utilize with the addition of my words--hopefully the finished product will look polished and inviting. But I find that I spend an exorbitant amount of time working on what seems to be such a small amount of work; perhaps I just am too meticulous or --horrors-- just too absorbed to recognize how longgggg I am taking... Probably the latter. But, in my defense, I am writing, fighting with the Wix quirkiness as well as my own, and trying to use the numerous pictures I have taken of the real people in the script. These need to be included but in a manner that makes sense and is relevant to any reader as they check out the website and the play as well as the reasons behind this unusual adaptation choice. (And I wonder why I have a headache?) Well, the progress is moving along albeit at a snails pace but  at least it has begun--and it is sort of exciting with every page I complete.
 Still a long way to go, plenty of little details to be attended to, and revisions probably right up until May, but I feel excited to be putting my very special project "onstage" so to speak. One day I would love to put this on a proscenium stage but for now this is a great forum to showcase my blood, sweat, and tears. I will go back to my Wix page shortly and continue with my "real characters" and their real photos and try to complete a few more pages so that part will be done. Then its time to work on my About page--oh boy, I have much to do! But we all are singing that song...keep writing everyone--we're almost there.