Why Can’t I finish my "About Page"? by Debbie Bagnato

I have written heaps of wonderful, insightful information that captures everything I would like to say to my potential readers. I have laid out the photos-changed them--changed them again, and jotted down short blurbs to accompany these pics as well. The background is set, the colors, the lettering--BUT, I cannot seem to get the words onto the page. Once that is completed, (the impossible dream at this point) I still have to write a paragraph per page for my Gallery pages--basically six strong, informative pieces that reflect the nature of my project and its connection to the people. Easy stuff compared to everything that has been done so far. BUT, still I have nothing. Some random thoughts on numerous pages--yet I lack the ability to pull it all together. Am I burnt out? Somewhat, I'm sure. However, I really want to keep the momentum at the level its been at--up until now. I am secretly (not anymore) hoping that by seeing everyone tomorrow and perhaps hearing this author speak, I will take away the enthusiasm I need to finish the numerous ends that require my attention. I am also at a standstill in my other project, so I need to find some inspiration and embrace it fully--and write like a madman! My other project is more than halfway done--not too bad--but I do not feel the need to put it down on paper right now and that is disconcerting. My plan is simple due to this unexpected lapse; I will try and finish one page today, and then another on Friday; tomorrow will be off-limits due to work and school but if inspiration strikes I'll go with it. Forcing humor, or openness as on the website pages, doesn't fly but if I set smaller goals I am hoping I can surpass this phase--I'm not enjoying it one bit... Also, I think if I get the website cover pages filled in (hopefully to my liking) I can better focus on the completion of my other piece. I will continue to edit my thesis project--there is always something I find that needs a slight change or something added, etc. BUT, I need to feel like the website is truly "good to go" and place my passion in the other project (as before) so that I can give it the importance, and attention it deserves. Then I can go cuckoo over the last-minute revisions on the thesis, as I know I will, simply because the distance from it will allow me to be more objective with my final cut. That's my plan, and I will try and see it through--really. Hoping everyone else is sailing along with ease--and hoping my game plan works as well as I'd like it to. Bye for now.

Reflection 9 :)


jim-carey_excitedI am super excited to continue this masters journey. There is truly a fierce fire burning inside of me waiting to explode. I’m really prepared to go all the way with my chosen topic now. It is real and still academic. I’m going to set deadlines a couple weeks in advance of the real deadline. It helps me with my moments of procrastination to scare myself into doing things way before I have to. On the other hand…..

I’m almost losing my calm. I’m worried about screwing up in the translation from what is in my head to the paper. And then I’m worried about not completing my thesis on time.

But I’m hoping I just look back at this and surprise myself.


Getting there….

So I’ve put the framework of my thesis on my website.

Its here: http://djmurph74.wixsite.com/mysite

One obstacle I havent overcome yet – Wix says that  can’t mess with the code. I can copy the image of the creative commons license and put it on my site, but I lknow that’s not the same thing as actually embedding it into the code. Any suggestions? Anyone else using Wix?




Got my Creative Commons License–Feeling Alright! by Debbie Bagnato

Yes, the title says it all--I did get the license and it is now on every page of my website. The process was simple so I made it a huge task by (see above) researching all the variations of all the licenses and worrying about getting the link etc., etc., etc. Printing out the "how-to" rules despite I had already checked off the needed steps. Luckily, I asked Dr. Z's opinion, and with that information decided to just get it done. That is when I figured out it was really not very difficult at all, and understood how I really overthink way too many things. BUT, it is now done and I am very glad. I rearranged the website after our class and like this so much better--thanks to Colin for noticing the strange order; I tend to get caught up in the "next" part I am tackling and neglect the part I am in the middle of and plan to "fix" before I am done. And then its late and I'm tired and tomorrow will be fine to straighten this out--and then I forget.. The same can be said of my final scene so I went back and cleaned up the hazy sections so my punchlines might punch a bit better--or at least not leave readers with questions or outright confusion. It looks a lot better now but I will re-read the full scene and fix any other oopsies in a few days--need to distance myself from it to be objective. The next big task is to take my free-writing--and there is a good amount--and transform it into a half dozen crisp paragraphs for my Gallery pages.Then I need to do the same with my main page for the play itself and also for my About page--but only one main paragraph for each and a short Bio for me; the rest will be descriptions of the stage set with visuals of both the ancient Greek stage and my modern day "Acropolis" right in the center of Metro Plaza Shoprite (instead of the center of the Greek stage...). My coworkers are really very excited about this project--they are either in it as my characters or simply part of it because they work there--hence the story is about them. This really keeps me going when I'm feeling discouraged so I am eternally grateful for these guys. For now, because I do have to write something constructive--I hope--I will end this blog much more quickly than usual--I have been up since quite early and feel I am running out of steam. Looking forward to seeing everyone next Thursday so until then, Cheers!

Creating a New Environment 2017-03-18 12:24:00

Hope Wilson
Grounded Theory
A Critical Research Methodology
by Joyce Magnotto Neff


                                                       Researching New Studies 

     Out with the old and in with new. In cessation to research " methods we use to generate our predictions and reach our conclusion" have come under question by Joyce Magnotto Neff. James Berlin once encouraged " shaping meditate by language and situated in concrete historical conditions" (1996, 169). He progressed to encourage " researchers to consider" production-based studies, text-based studies, and culture-as-lived activity studies," studies" situated within the institution...that sponsored the examined actives...,[studies that are] related to the ideological-the arena of language, idea, and value" (170) many years ago.

     Now Grounded Theory is being suggested in composition studies. The perception of studies has become a huge concern. It involves multiple data collection, considering what is critical, and reporting methods to provide accuracy and proof of outcomes. It sounds like methods that scientists may use to maintain data for an experiment. "Glaser and Strauss explained it 30 years ago: Joint collection, coding, and analysis of data is the underlying operation [in grounded theory]. The generation of theory, coupled with the notion of theory as process, requires that three operations be done together as much as possible. They should blur and intertwine continually, from the beginning of an investigation to its end. (1967, 43). " documenting all data collected

      My thoughts once were, research was finding as much information on a subject then collectively forming it in a book or in a form of a research paper.  Progress always encourage and inspire change. Neff concludes " As composition matures as a discipline, this state of meta-analysis seems ideal. It promise to interrogate the distinction between theory and practice that limit our current ways of understanding the complex human activities of writing and teaching writing." encouraging accountability. 

Confronting the Challenges of Participatory Culture:
Media Education for the 21st Century
by Henry Jenkins.

   The Internet is definitely becoming the new form of communicating. Soon there will be no need to encourage your child to look a person in the eye or how to shake one's hand because most transactions will be on line communication. I am inspired to believe that people reaction to the World Wide Web depends on their age and professional development. Culturally speaking I am convinced  "activities become widespread only if the culture also support them, if they fill recurring needs at a particular historical juncture. It matters what tools are available to a culture, but it matters more what that culture chooses to do with those tools." considering their mindset.

     Technology is always evolving and " to encourage youth to develop the skills, knowledge, ethical frameworks, and self confidence needed to be full participants in contemporary culture" is a great way to expose them to new media technology. Encouraging children to venture outside of their community and challenge their social skills is significant to their personal growth. I concur with Henry Jenkins regarding " The new media literacies should be seen as social skills, as ways of interacting within a larger community, and not simply an individualized skill to be used for personal expression." inspiring participatory culture 

Decision Meeting

There’s a time and place for everything. 

So yesterday was time for the big decision. Decisions,decisions. Even though I won’t be able to do what I wanted to ideally do, I understand that there is a time and place for everything. I let the openness and freedom really take over my idea of my thesis. Through the help of my advisor and her explaining in more detailed what we could do in the thesis, I’ll now be doing something more relevant to the study of writing. Everything will go great. 🙂



Movin’ Along! by Debbie Bagnato

Well, I am happy to tell you that my thesis website is beginning to look like a real website! There are sections that I have not done very much with as yet, but there are very definite plans for their future. As for the parts I am feeling excited about, my amazing group and Dr. Z's opinions/ suggestions/ capable help, will help me finish, polish and fix up. The only problem I recognize now is that I have ceased revising almost completely. When my group meets on Tuesday, we will read--probably--my last scene and after I complete the revisions on that (based on their feedback) there will not be very much left to revise on the actual piece. Instead, the About page and my Gallery entries--all of which pertain to the idea which prompted the writing of my thesis--will be the areas I must carefully revise. I still am rewriting, correcting and finding goof-ups I missed earlier, but my focus is directed more towards the entire website and its presentation as well as my representation of the entire thesis experience. The goal is to make it all inviting for people to read as well as enjoy the photos and the energy that inspired this work. I only hope that I am able to capture and express that honest emotion, laughter, pain, and caring in a simple, straightforward fashion. I will be free-writing a little tonight in an effort to get some "stuff" on paper; hopefully a starting point will be found and a direction that will fulfill my hopes.
Of late I am not finding the writing as easily as other times; perhaps my creative brain is aware that time is running short? My other piece is also moving slowly now but baby steps are better then none at all (I hope)...Any-hoo, the website which seemed so utterly impossible is becoming a reality--slowly but it will be done and that is very exciting for this not-so-computer-savvy-as-my-younger-classmates lady. The Creative Commons license is not chosen yet as I want to go over this with Dr. Z. There are several choices, but in my case, the one I think is more appropriate is not "free" while the less desirable one is. However, the site provides either one (it seems) and there is no fee required. In my confusion, I decided to check with the Doc before I make the wrong choice.

The other place I need advice is the addition of my blogs; should I simply provide a link to my entire thesis blog on Blogger? I imagine that makes the most sense, but again, will run this query by the Doc and group on Tuesday afternoon. My About page will probably be completed last; I think I need to write all the background info amidst the photos in my Gallery pages. Once I have that accomplished, I can focus on the smaller section "About" which will include some of my information. I would like to make this somewhat more personal than a simple bio piece, so hope to use the feeling set with the Gallery background information and continue--or actually begin--that conversation. The About page precedes the Gallery, so I might be working backwards--which is often a delightful way to go. Either way, I am babbling and need to be free-writing to get this in motion. Hope everyone is moving along with their projects and enjoying the ride; cannot wait to see everyone's remarkable work!


I have reached the editing stage for the bulk of my thesis and I am coming to realize that it may be the most difficult phase.  I have to streamline my thoughts and put them in a coherent order which has led me to make marks (*mostly undecipherable) all over my work.  The biggest difficulty as far as the content is concerned is to keep the focus on the broader landscape of journalistic challenges. I do not want this paper to be dated by the time I graduate. That means using good examples from what is happening in our journalistic/political world, but linking them to larger themes. I am combing through to make sure I have done that. As for a conclusion, I am waiting until I arrive there again as part of the editing phase. I fear that it will be a collection of obstacles with no good advice to navigate them going forward. Perhaps gathering them and defining them all in one place will be helpful in and of itself. Perhaps I will surprise myself and come up with a more concrete conclusion. In the meantime, I have also begun piecing together the website that will frame my work. It is here.