It’s Really almost done–AGAIN…by Debbie Bagnato

Alas kiddies, once again I have finished my wonderful/ horrible play and felt quite satisfied with all my changes, edits, and corrections only to realize that I left something out. Every day it's the same thing but I am getting closer (I think) to actually having everything I hoped for in there. The cast has grown in order to represent the volume and constant movement of the store--I have also started to compile a list of two-part roles that should be cast as such, giving actors the chance to exercise their character acting skills. Many of the quick exchanges needed in certain scenes truly add flavor to the overall picture but would leave an actor rather bored if that were their only scene, hence the "two-part" roles will be listed in the script. As much as I add (on a regular basis) there seems to be an equal amount I take away. Often I give the characters too much to say--nobody would listen to them in my store, trust me. But when I go back in (that's right, I'm goin' in) to read and try out the lines, I quickly remove the excess; sometimes I change the entire thing. Often I am surprised that I gave certain characters so very much to say and quickly delete a large portion. This mission needs to be completed sometime soon so I can attempt to create a website and put the finished product on it.
On that note, I have been busy taking pictures of my crazy co-workers (i.e. the cast of my version of this old play). Most of these characters are really characters and almost everyone is quite excited to be a part of my thesis project. I have many photographs to use besides the individual photos I set out to take as "head shots" and present next to each character's description. This enthusiasm is a boost to my writing as I see the people I am writing about in a flattering, and very personal light. The website--if I ever am able to create it, will include a collage of the group pics they all insisted I take and that are really a great lot of fun. The point of the play itself and its relevance to our store I have broken down to the simplest terms for their benefit and they all think its a hoot--so the only "characters" left to photograph are the few supervisors in the script. Three of them will be no problem but the one fellow--the antagonist of the play--might  present me with a challenge. I will keep you all aprised of the outcome--might need to employ great flattery for him...The run-time of the play is the next thing on the agenda--once I am comfortable with the existing script. It is currently seventy-four pages long but there are a great many stage directions in there--I have read way too much of Tennesee Williams work through the years. However, those stage directions paint the scene for the reader, actor, or potential director so I find them a very necessary ingredient for a good play. As I mentioned earlier, there are a few more changes/ additions that are needed tonight but they should not increase the length of the play too much. I am hoping to look up and test out websites tomorrow so perhaps I will find something more suitable than what I have seen so far. If not, I will continue to create the sections with my website in mind, and hopefully my group will have suggestions/ advice for me that will help me get started on a good track. Till then, happy writing/ research/ creating to all and cannot wait to see everybody again.

English and Writing Studies Thesis 2017-02-08 19:53:00

        This week I worked on trying to flesh out one more idea I had. I think that idea really works well in my paper, but one of them I am still contemplating whether I am going to keep it or how I can expand it. Nevertheless, I still think it is important, and I am glad I took some time out to actually put it in my paper since I previously just wrote it. I also added to my literature review and made revisions.