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                                                              "My Research"

By Hope Wilson

       I am in constant research of my future. I have so many plans that they are beginning to run

together. The one thing that has been consistent is becoming an educator and working in a school

environment. My research for this future plan consist of the grade level that I will feel comfortable

teaching, the school district, and how long I want to teach before considering another position in the

school system. The results of my research are to begin by being a substitute teacher for a couple of

years in various schools within my district. Then network with other substitute teachers, educators,

and school administrators. I love working with children but I also like being around adults.

      I have been researching business opportunities that I plan to engage in after I retire. My

retirement date is not set but I insist on being proactive. One of my researches  for this retirement

plan  is to decide on a profitable location for a daycare center. Where there are a direct driving route

and a demand for my service. I am also in search for a reliable business partner. Someone that can

bring business experience to the table along with jokes, and all bad jokes are acceptable lol. This

partner must have business management experience and a college degree.

      My most important research is to research the town where I want to live. My retirement home has

to be cozy and convenient. I do not want to become  depressed with my decision.  I do not want

to be too close to people or too far away. I want a ranch or a town house right outside of town. I am

researching require taxes, flood zones, crime rates, and park locations. My desire is to live within

thirty minutes of a gym, a mall, and a decent nail and hair salon lol. My plans are to immolate my

pre-retirement life style as close as possible.

       I am researching ways to enjoy my life after retirement. I refuse to become sedentary. I want to

remain active and endure profitable successes. Working in a school environment as I start a business

will keep in motion. Working with family and friends is equivalent to retirement success to me. It will

also give me a reason to remain in touch with my love ones.