Glad to be Back! by Debbie Bagnato

During our delightful hiatus from school, and food-fun-filled holidays with family and friends, I found it difficult to focus on my writing due to the family obligations and a lack of time. Luckily, I managed to remain in my own store--the basis for my thesis--but had to readjust to my old department and slightly different schedule. That was the easy part and actually allows me more time with the women in my play who "mind the fort" so to speak by staying in my version of the Acropolis--our Customer Service office. I found myself finishing each section then returning to change things around throughout the entire piece--every day. It felt as if I was avoiding the ending--as if I would have a brilliant idea for an even better denouement than Aristophanes. Obviously, that was not going to happen, and eventually I went forward with the proposed ending based on the traditional one written by this ancient Greek playwright. Perhaps I hated to finish the piece? Or was hoping to have a flash of brilliance that would astonish even myself? Whatever the reason, I realized how desperately I needed the feedback of my little group of Omar, Colin and Dr. Z. The reactions and suggestions help me to shape what I am doing and from those gems of wisdom and honesty I am able to better work towards my goal. Also, I enjoy watching their pieces move forward and so much of the advice and suggestions from Dr. Z as well as the guys help me brainstorm as I rewrite something from so very long ago and make it relevant today. It needs to remain a comedy so it cannot get too heavy or angry yet there are valid points that I want to make--either blatantly or subtly. When these guys read with me a new scene I can depend on honest feedback and then try to apply their suggestions or work with ideas that come as a result of our time together. Really need that as an extra source of motivation I guess!
The other thing I am painfully aware of is my need for time limits; I tend to procrastinate when I should be writing. Often I wait until the time is quite short to actually do the writing, but take several days jotting down ideas, re-reading sections of the original, reviewing other modern day situation comedies--all to prepare for the writing which is already in my head! Then I spend an eternity--without realizing how long I am sitting at the computer--to actually write the play as planned. This is my process, and it usually works rather well, but I do need to move it a bit faster. Which is why I need to set time limits for myself--if I want to finish my editing and revisions (by May)...
The next step is to create a website--that is a big step for me so I want to start soon. I will be revising--with the feedback and opinions of my very special group--constantly, as although the basic play is finished I am nowhere near done. First, I need to tweak some basic things like my character list, and take photos for the website of my "real-life" characters. My plan is to include photos or sketches of the basic costumes and a photograph of the "Acropolis" in my version (the Courtesy/ customer service office) as well as a sketch of the stage-set. These are many fun yet important details that must be attended to and will be integral to include in the website. So in keeping with the time limits theory, I am hoping to start with the website after we meet up again and for now, I plan on taking a few photos each day. And of course, keep writing and revising. Thanks for listening, now back to work.