Change in Plans…by Debbie Bagnato

So, just when I fet like things were moving along fairly well, my supervisor is thinking of transferring me to the Bayonne store. WHAT?!!! My store and my co-workers are all in this store which I have been in for twenty years now; my old store was moved and renovated but I stayed where I am as I had become used to it. More important than any of that---my thesis is based in my store! News of this plan shocked and distressed me, and it may happen whether I like it or not, but I had to stop and regroup. Despite my personal  reasons for not wanting to do this--especially now--I have found a ray of sunshine (a very small ray). Because I have incorporated all stores into my backstory, the move to one of the competing "sister" stores might be beneficial and add another layer to the story. I do not want or need to add anything to my upcoming scenes but there may be some positive ideas that will materialize from the transition to a new location.
Also, when I started this project, I was out of work because of my back but was able to clearly outline and frame the "story" as I was visualizing it. That is what I will do again if they send me traveling.
 I would greatly prefer NOT to go anywhere as I often get new ideas by looking at someone or having coffee (and complaints) with them, a regular Shoprite custom. The scene I was about to start is the hot and heavy scene where Mhyrrine teases her husband when he comes to visit her at the Acropolis---and beg her to return home. Oddly enough, in reality the two characters are no longer in my store--both transferred to other ones as well. But I am in contact with the one, and she dates the other so my perceptions of these real people is very current and any quirks I add to the characters very doable for this production. At present I am trying to beef up the shorter connecting scene that leads into the one I just mentioned; it is actually fun but I must not make it too long. The idea was to have a short, funny scene to illustrate the changing atmosphere in the store and also show the women trying to look more sexy as they tease the men (and also get a little "lonesome" themselves). The scene was also styled to show the men responding to this female takeover, and and the absence of attention. This little transitional scene will require some more tweaking but I think it will be a funny yet heated moment when it's done. That is the sentiment I am shooting for but I need to incorporate that tension among all the players involved in this scene. The next scene will be a doozy but I will be working on that one until I get it right. I am in  a supermarket with this version, so the character can run to fetch any number of things for their "moment" and then simply change her mind. And there will be a large audience onstage to monitor their sexy scene. I am still hopeful that I can finish my first full draft over break but if one scene takes more revising to get the ideas on paper, I will give it that time rather than write something that doesn't work. But I am full steam ahead to rewrite the little scene and then onto the sexy, funny one. Hoping that I can get it on paper the way I want! And hope everyone else is making great progress with their writing projects. Will see everyone on Thursday and cannot wait to find out how everyone is doing. Now, back to the script...