Creating a New Environment 2016-12-05 19:46:00

Hope Wilson

Eng. 5020

Dr. Zamora

Writing Theory & Practice



                                                                “To Test or Not To Test”
By Yancey, Kathleen Blake & Ritter, Kelly and Matsuda, Paul “Exploring Composition Studies”


          Are the students being taught to pass a test or are the educators’ writing assessment and curriculums being presented? Developing a relationship with a student is part of the educational process. Writing assessment is one of ways that creates communication between a teacher and a student. I agree with Yancey when she  writes “ The test were indirect measures, that is, a test that sampled something related to but other than the individual student’s writing, typically a multiple choice test of editing skills serving as a proxy for writing” that cannot replace an educator’s assessment of multiple writings. Acknowledging the fact that test and processes requires money and sitting several hundred students in a room to take a test that a machine can grade is far less expensive than having an educator evaluate one student at a time.

       Who are the most qualified to make these decisions, the educators, test experts, school administrators, or the scholars? Some may agree that all of them are qualified. There have been many processes suggested regarding the teaching and the evaluation of writing. Scholars, teachers, researchers, and test experts have all weigh in to assist with implementing a fair assessment. External reviews have been an enormous concern by some. Some educators value their curriculum and insist on enforcing it.

        During the three waves there have been multiple processes, tests implemented, many evaluations regarding the improvement of writing and writing assessment. I agree that accumulatively all of them improve writing skills. Reflection and self-assessment encourage students to evaluate themselves by taking a closer look at their work by proof reading. The school administrator testing creates an environment of continuous focus as it reveals other options the students may not had considered. The portfolio creates the proof of progress and the capability of certain projects. The presentation of accumulative work also increases the reflection and self-assessment. Reading and comprehension definitely increases writing and public speaking.

       Future writers will seek out their needed skills at their convenience. Students that are not interested in writing will write for a desired grade. There are many applications and online programs assisting writers to improve their craft. Social media tools. Audio, video, and online classes are available to assist writers improve their craft. Educators become engaged to improve their skills and teach students how to improve their passion. They also encourage a platform for children to share their work as they provide technology to improve literacy. They share knowledge, processes, and curriculums. Peer review groups are encouraged. It can provide a great experience for future writers to​begin accepting criticism.