English and Writing Studies Thesis 2016-12-15 19:52:00

For today, I just read a little. I am not sure if the article I read will really help with my paper but it did pop up some ideas. I am thinking that I could maybe use statements in the article in the beginning or after I bring up the discussion with school and writing. I really have to think it through. The last thing I want to do is add more and it is not beneficial.

I have to admit the part that I thought would be the hardest is indeed the hardest. The more I work on this paper the more I see my passion for the creative / writing about my own experiences. But, I am sticking to my original idea of having this interplay of the academic and creative. I love how my written prayers are flowing in the paper, but I am still worried about the academic element. I am just trusting that the aftermath will be beautiful. 

Change in Plans…by Debbie Bagnato

So, just when I fet like things were moving along fairly well, my supervisor is thinking of transferring me to the Bayonne store. WHAT?!!! My store and my co-workers are all in this store which I have been in for twenty years now; my old store was moved and renovated but I stayed where I am as I had become used to it. More important than any of that---my thesis is based in my store! News of this plan shocked and distressed me, and it may happen whether I like it or not, but I had to stop and regroup. Despite my personal  reasons for not wanting to do this--especially now--I have found a ray of sunshine (a very small ray). Because I have incorporated all stores into my backstory, the move to one of the competing "sister" stores might be beneficial and add another layer to the story. I do not want or need to add anything to my upcoming scenes but there may be some positive ideas that will materialize from the transition to a new location.
Also, when I started this project, I was out of work because of my back but was able to clearly outline and frame the "story" as I was visualizing it. That is what I will do again if they send me traveling.
 I would greatly prefer NOT to go anywhere as I often get new ideas by looking at someone or having coffee (and complaints) with them, a regular Shoprite custom. The scene I was about to start is the hot and heavy scene where Mhyrrine teases her husband when he comes to visit her at the Acropolis---and beg her to return home. Oddly enough, in reality the two characters are no longer in my store--both transferred to other ones as well. But I am in contact with the one, and she dates the other so my perceptions of these real people is very current and any quirks I add to the characters very doable for this production. At present I am trying to beef up the shorter connecting scene that leads into the one I just mentioned; it is actually fun but I must not make it too long. The idea was to have a short, funny scene to illustrate the changing atmosphere in the store and also show the women trying to look more sexy as they tease the men (and also get a little "lonesome" themselves). The scene was also styled to show the men responding to this female takeover, and and the absence of attention. This little transitional scene will require some more tweaking but I think it will be a funny yet heated moment when it's done. That is the sentiment I am shooting for but I need to incorporate that tension among all the players involved in this scene. The next scene will be a doozy but I will be working on that one until I get it right. I am in  a supermarket with this version, so the character can run to fetch any number of things for their "moment" and then simply change her mind. And there will be a large audience onstage to monitor their sexy scene. I am still hopeful that I can finish my first full draft over break but if one scene takes more revising to get the ideas on paper, I will give it that time rather than write something that doesn't work. But I am full steam ahead to rewrite the little scene and then onto the sexy, funny one. Hoping that I can get it on paper the way I want! And hope everyone else is making great progress with their writing projects. Will see everyone on Thursday and cannot wait to find out how everyone is doing. Now, back to the script...

English and Writing Studies Thesis 2016-12-08 18:26:00

      This week I did not work on my thesis directly. I did so much trying to complete my rough draft I just decided to relax. I did take a little bit of time to go to the Writing Theory class reading roster and download articles. I didn’t check again to see what I had. I just downloaded everything I wanted so I can have it for later. I also have been thinking about what to do next.

      I am realizing more and more in the midst of me trying to help others, I am also learning. Listening to my pastor this past Sunday, made me think about my own praying habits. I thought about what I could do to improve or maybe what I should pay attention to even more when I pray. I was trying to think to see if there was a way to incorporate what I heard, but I am not 100% sure if I can or will. I just made up in my mind to keep moving forward. 

Finding my People (and Trying to Fit In!)

     For the past month, I have been focusing on the "Experience" branch of my thesis project. This part of my research is meant to be case study of my own involvement in certain fandoms.
     By participating/ writing in certain fandoms, I hope to gain insight into the experience of  possibly writing with a beta/ writing collaboratively; I want to learn more about how reader feedback and response affects a writer and their writing process; and I want to personally experience the process of writing a novel/ fan fiction with reader feedback and response.

     I am writing an AU (Alternate Universe) fic, which means that I am using existing characters and their personalities, but I am writing something that exists outside of the canon universe. In order to get a real sense of how reader feedback affects process, I have decided to publish chapters as I write them. At this time, I have no real direction of where this story may lead; I have no outline or plan. I also published on two fanfiction sites in order to compare response. On December 1, I published the first two chapters of Stay the Course here, and on December 6, I also published the same two chapters here.

Here is what I learned so far:

  • You have to find your people. Once you find your people, you are afforded a potentially large audience, possible feedback, advice, and encouragement. But first you have to find your people. In order for this to happen,  some exploration and experimentation may be necessary.
     Not every fandom prefers the same site for posting/ reading fic. (Stay the Course is posted in The 100 fandom.) I knew, because I was a member of this fandom (read fics but never posted one) before I started this, that AO3 was the preferred platform for posting/ reading in this fandom. But, since I had only previously used the site to read fic, and had never posted a fic here before, I had to wait for an invite to join in order to do so. I submitted my email address and ended up waiting 6 days for an invite to join.

     The 12/01 posting was on fanfiction.net. I posted here while I waited for my invite to join Archive of Our Own. Note: there is a smaller audience for The 100 fics here. Also, guests (readers who have not made an account) can read and comment as a guest, but cannot follow (receive emailed updates about a fic).

After 7 days, here were my stats:
1 favorite
2 reviews:

Two Reviews for Stay the Course on ff.net

     On 12/06, I posted the same two chapters on AO3.

Here were my stats after just 2 days:

11 bookmarks (equivalent to follows on ff.net)
24 kudos (equivalent to favorites on ff.net)

     I noticed that along with a larger audience, I also had reviews that were more constructive:

  • Not knowing enough/ failing to "fit in" can affect reader response when writing for a fandom. Feeling doubt can impact writing process.
    For some reason, even though I have an interest in The 100 and The 100 fandom, I misspelled the main character's name in my fan fic.  The first time that I published (12/01 on ff.net), the character of Clarke was spelled Clark every time I wrote it. I only realized after I saw that I was getting views, but no response from readers. I immediately deleted the fic, fixed it, and republished. It was then that I got more of a response. It was a small-ish mistake, but as a first-time writer in this fandom, it made me feel like an outsider.

     My plan for the upcoming week is to continue to monitor feedback on both sites in order to collect data. I will also try to write Chapter 3.


Weekly Update

For this week I focused on jotting down ideas for scenes that will add deeper details to my novel in regards to the relationships within the different characters in my story. While I was doing this I felt like they were like little planning sessions where I was trying to think about ideas and at the same time tried to map out where will these ideas be included.
As I was writing some of these along with just writing in general, I found myself knowing where I was going to blend some of these as I was doing the writing. Sometimes the story itself will guide you as to where things go and how will they unfold and I appreciated having some of these moments since it’s a bit stressful to try to find the right place for all the different events happening in the story.

This semester has definitely gone by very quickly. But let’s do what the pic below suggest J

I look forward to seeing you all next week! 

Creating a New Environment 2016-12-05 19:46:00

Hope Wilson

Eng. 5020

Dr. Zamora

Writing Theory & Practice



                                                                “To Test or Not To Test”
By Yancey, Kathleen Blake & Ritter, Kelly and Matsuda, Paul “Exploring Composition Studies”


          Are the students being taught to pass a test or are the educators’ writing assessment and curriculums being presented? Developing a relationship with a student is part of the educational process. Writing assessment is one of ways that creates communication between a teacher and a student. I agree with Yancey when she  writes “ The test were indirect measures, that is, a test that sampled something related to but other than the individual student’s writing, typically a multiple choice test of editing skills serving as a proxy for writing” that cannot replace an educator’s assessment of multiple writings. Acknowledging the fact that test and processes requires money and sitting several hundred students in a room to take a test that a machine can grade is far less expensive than having an educator evaluate one student at a time.

       Who are the most qualified to make these decisions, the educators, test experts, school administrators, or the scholars? Some may agree that all of them are qualified. There have been many processes suggested regarding the teaching and the evaluation of writing. Scholars, teachers, researchers, and test experts have all weigh in to assist with implementing a fair assessment. External reviews have been an enormous concern by some. Some educators value their curriculum and insist on enforcing it.

        During the three waves there have been multiple processes, tests implemented, many evaluations regarding the improvement of writing and writing assessment. I agree that accumulatively all of them improve writing skills. Reflection and self-assessment encourage students to evaluate themselves by taking a closer look at their work by proof reading. The school administrator testing creates an environment of continuous focus as it reveals other options the students may not had considered. The portfolio creates the proof of progress and the capability of certain projects. The presentation of accumulative work also increases the reflection and self-assessment. Reading and comprehension definitely increases writing and public speaking.

       Future writers will seek out their needed skills at their convenience. Students that are not interested in writing will write for a desired grade. There are many applications and online programs assisting writers to improve their craft. Social media tools. Audio, video, and online classes are available to assist writers improve their craft. Educators become engaged to improve their skills and teach students how to improve their passion. They also encourage a platform for children to share their work as they provide technology to improve literacy. They share knowledge, processes, and curriculums. Peer review groups are encouraged. It can provide a great experience for future writers to​begin accepting criticism.




Moving Along! But now I am worried about the ending… by Debbie Bagnato

Well, I completed my character list--which is sizable but I am following Aristophanes lead. And I added my next scene after the lengthy one inside the store. This is a connecting scene that needed to illustrate the heated atmosphere while emphasizing the obvious--they are in a store which is open for business. Luckily, it was easier to write than I anticipated, much to my relief. The upcoming scene is all mapped out on paper and should be a fun one; there are always many changes and things I discover as I go along that are neglected initially. The job is then to iron those out but it is easier to address them as I find them. So, in the big scheme of things, I am pretty much on point. I bought a story-board so I can begin mapping out physical aspects of the play, as if it were to be produced. While we are on  break, of course, I will continue to write, revise, edit and change things a billion more times, as is the norm. I realize now that I am closer to the end of this story (not there yet but drawing nearer) and further from the opening. Unfortunately that means I am now faced with the dilemna of HOW to wrap this all up in a humorous, ridiculous, yet believable fashion. There will be free-writing in my immediate future and lots of brainstorming. And prayer, many, many prayers.
I had always planned on staying close to the master's (Aristophanes) original, and despite logistical and societal differences, as well as the obvious time period switch,  I have followed the basic format of his story. Also, I had particulars planned for the closing scene before I even wrote one word, but the pulling it all together part is going to be my most important challenge. Hopefully, the opening is a strong enough attention-grabber so that people want to read/ watch this play and not simply dismiss it. The follow-up scene seems pretty funny, fast-paced and a strong continuation of what is revealed in the opening. This was a relief as I read it back, but that scene has only been read by yours truly so far; guess I will ask my group mates if we can give that a read-through next week. Although I was delighted with what I had written, there are a lot of characters coming and going in this scene, and I need to find out if other readers can follow these rapid-fire conversations and get the intended humor. If so, I can gracefully slip into the upcoming scene which is a doozy. In truth, I call these "scenes" but they are really just different parts with the chorus of old--usually two groups of twelve representing the men, and the women--and the individual characters who speak. I have separated them into "scenes" in an effort to create this new story while maintaining Aristophanes timeless ideas--and utilizing the humor of both situations. So now, as I draw nearer to that final scene, the denouement, I realize the great importance of this scene. It needs to be funny, consistent with the story, and in its silliness, make a point of the women--and helpers--victory. The audience, or reader, should walk away from this with a good laugh and a sense of satisfaction that justice has been served--the women (and company) have made their point and the players will now go forward in harmony. Oh, and about "Harmony" she is going to be in that last scene, just like the original. It is my job to use her presence wisely, and help her--and possibly another (?) to fit in smoothly. On that note, back to work for now.