Creating a New Environment 2016-10-03 17:44:00

Hope Wilson 

Eng. 5020

Dr. Zamora

Writing Theory & Practice 

Blog 2



                                             The Many Ways of Teaching:

                                  Composition, Process, and the Product


The learned product has given birth to numerous great writers. For some students being introduced to the product and not the process has given them great rewards. Some students that are interested in writing will adapt to the product and research the process.  Everyone has “to equate one's view of the process with the overall aim of an approach" towards their desired outcome. (Fulkerson) The students who are not interested in writing will write to earn their desired grade. To the teachers “look at your composition program with the realization you are teaching a process, you may be able to design a curriculum which works” without teaching a product. (Murray) I have embrace the concept that all” students should understand the relationships among language, knowledge, and power", but unfortunately it is not always the end result. Encouragement is always part of the teaching regiment and is successfully achieved.


Dissecting great writers encourage the student's will to explore and immolate.  Educators “can dissect and sometimes almost destroy Shakespeare or Robert Lowell to prove it” as the students learn literature. (Murray) When reading students get to engage in mastery work that encourages peaceful moments. Students also get to experience joyful soul searching. Writing from the heart expands one's creativity as they explore adventurous settings.

Learning composition in the twenty first century is the accumulation of life learned lessons. It consist of numerous teachers concept of composition and their ability to immolate their accumulative life learned lessons and teach it in the time allotted. The perception is " what students wanted and expected from a composition course in college conflicted with what teachers using a critical pedagogy were mostly interested in: " first -year students typically enter composition with an idea of writing and an understanding of what they need to learn about writing that are dramatically at odds with the views and approaches of the teacher” causing conflicts with some traditional expectations. (Fulkerson) When exceptions are not met true writers will research their desired process.