At last: the Next Scene*** YIKES!

So after looking up a lot more information--a lot of which is the same information viewed differently by other writers--I have gotten up the nerve to forge onward. Admittedly, I once again made lots of notes, post-its attached to those notes with (you guessed) other notes, and finally--as I am writing--even more notes that need to be inserted into the story as I (eventually) type it up. Then, after it is typed up I will proceed to rewrite most of those lines AGAIN and replace my first words with entirely different BETTER words; maybe I can finish this project by spring. More likely, I will be submitting a draft of my project as every time I look at this piece, I find some small change that simply must be made. I really hope it will be a funny piece yet contain some merit for the voice it hopes to create. At this point, I want to get my "dry run" down on paper and then bit by bit, try and make it stronger, funnier, and more meaningful--but without becoming preachy. I certainly hope I can achieve all I am setting out to do.
  The encouraging thing is that all my co-workers--the inspiration for this insanity--are thrilled to even have their persona or their name included in my piece for school. I believe they think I am eccentric as I like school and have chosen to go back--again and again--while working any kind of crazy schedule with them. But, I too am one of these people I am writing about as I too am employed there. Just like them, I consider myself inconvenienced and sorely affected by some of the sales incentives that are a regular part of being an employee today in this form of retail. Gone are the days of simply working one's schedule and leaving the job entirely when you punch out--I am as much a part of the cause I am fighting, with my adaptation, as I am the voice of opposition. This realization has become clearer with the ridiculously long days at work which feel like they accomplish nothing. Sadly, there are still many of my co-workers who are put upon in a similar fashion yet also remain on the fringe of these inner-business wars. The world of business holds a much different lifestyle and creativity level than the worlds of writing or theatre--the worlds where I thrive and am happy. So the work atmosphere is very draining for me as a person, never mind as an employee. The many co-workers and lifelong friends through my job, face the concern of their other half becoming too enmeshed in this fast-paced, all-consuming business. Often with little or no hope of escaping the lure of the money and prestige held so highly in esteem. And there actually are many good, bright, warm-hearted folk who cannot get a break in this business despite their best efforts, as they are perceived as having less to offer than the people in charge--the all-knowing moguls who are, in truth, no better than those they overlook. Stolen time from important family moments are as commonplace as unfair expectations of higher authorities with no regard for the people below them--holding the business together. Worse still is being placed in a position of authority over people whose positions cannot be changed or improved upon easily, but would instead need an investment the company does not want to provide. All of these situations occur concurrently in my business, and with a staff of almost three hundred employees in my store alone, there are a lot of concerns to realize, recognize, and attempt to convey simply through a rewrite of Aristophanes classic. In the hope of having those voices heard and respected for their daily struggle while also laughing at ourselves as we all try to get by with a smile. Just keep  praying that I can pull off this feat; with God's help only will this be accomplished!