A Small Set Back

Last Thursday I spent my time sitting in my quiet room at the library with my headphones listening to   the interviews with my dad. I felt like for the last two writings I needed more details and direction and just sitting and taking notes was great use of time.  However, there was a lot of material to sift through and I didn't get much actual writing completed. No worries, I have the weekend. Yeah, right. The weather combination this weekend was a disaster waiting to happen for my head. I suffer from migraines that are weather induced. My Dr. and I have worked very hard on getting a strong hold on them, but every once in awhile the humidity and barometric pressure come together and incapacitate me. I was done for all weekend long. Needless to say, I didn't get any work done. So here I am, Monday morning, in bed, recovering.  I took a sick day, as I knew there was no way my head could deal with seventh graders today! So I will see how much I can get done. Luckily, I have Wednesday off too. I would really like to have all of the writing work completed by my next meeting with Dr. Zamora and move on to the next phase, searching for ways to put it all together!