Moving Along

As of now I have three more formal writing drafts to create. I feel like when I finish drafting there will be a huge sigh of relief. Of course I'm nowhere near the "end in sight." Thinking about how to put it all together is up next, gathering photos and other mediums that I may need is on the horizon, and going back and revising all of my work will be last before I actually put it all together. There's a lot going on and September is over!

I spoke to a friend at work about some tech ideas. She just graduated NYU with her Master's in Digital Media Designs, and said she would love to sit with me after school and help out. I am very thankful to her. I have a vision in my head for what I would like the finished product to look like, but I haven't really searched around and explored yet. I need to. But I really just want to get my writings completed. One thing at a time.

I also told my dad that we need a date at his home (my childhood home) to go through some of his personal photos and memorabilia. He started whipping out pictures instantly. I also have my aunt in Florida on the case. She thinks she may have some old pics of my dad and uncle when they were little. Searching through all of my own family photos will be fun too. My dad gave me our box of pics and several photo albums to hold onto after my mom passed away. It'll be fun digging in.

It's stressful and cause of relief at the same time knowing that I have my list, have a game plan, and am moving along.