Week 2 – 3 (continued)


This is so exciting. This is so great. I made a second blog post about it because that's how excited I am. I am a little nervous, because it is a paper done by a fellow student (SNHU) but I am still going to use it. I can't wait to see what a peer of mine has to say about the same topic! Maybe this will even lead me to some studies I can look up myself and use. Wowowow. Super lucky.

Week 2 – 3

A concern I've had in the past is prior research done in the field. Initially, I thought this meant in the literary field exclusively and frankly, I don't think there is any research on my topic done in this field. However, as I've been working, I have found studies done in other fields that support my thesis (kind of by proxy). Although I am still a bit concerned this is not enough, and I need to bring in some literary research, I am moderately confident the research I have already acquired will do (not to mention research I have not yet done).

I have one psychological study that tests psychological reactance and the forbidden fruit theory (which are two theories that explain why people tend to want things they can't have) that state restricting access to things makes them seem more valuable, and are therefore, more sought after. While this isn't in direct support of my thesis, it does support parts of my thesis. This is the kind of luck I'm having with finding research. However, I think if I find enough studies that support enough aspects of my argument, I can connect the remaining dots myself and come to a conclusion.

I am mostly done with discussing (what I've been referring to as) the psychology of no. Next I am planning on tackling why banning things is detrimental to psychological growth. This, I believe, is the main portion of my work. If I recall correctly, my paper is entitled "The effects book banning has on children and young adults." So this next section will be really important.

Following this section, just as a note to myself, are (1) other fields affected, (2) counter arguments and (3) [currently unsure].

Also, I have done some research on creative commons licensing, and have a tentative license on my website already. I do not know if I have picked the correct one for my intentions, but it is very easy to obtain the code to create the license so I know I can change it at any time.

I have taken the past few days off from writing, as I have 8 moderate pages worth of material and, as I said in my last post, I feel I am moving along at a fine pace.

The only struggle I have encountered recently is not knowing how many tabs/ what format I want to present the sections in on my website. Otherwise things are going well. I will resume writing (most likely) on Thursday.

My first and (hopefully) last despair blog…

To say that it has been a difficult week would be an understatement. I feel like I  keep being hit with one thing after another, and I can't seem to move forward or get anything done.

I would like to share that last Monday my father passed away. We did not have a typical relationship, and have been estranged for many years, so I have been sorting through some difficult emotions. I haven't been sleeping well; but for the past few days, I have been better about not thinking about it all the time.

When I met with Dr. Zamora about my thesis project last week, she advised that I concentrate on gathering information and reading, and to save the writing/ proposal development for later. I agree. So I spent some time this past week looking into possible sources, printing articles, and highlighting.

I was feeling more optimistic about making progress, but yesterday I was hit with more bad news (not nearly as bad, but still.. at this point, I really can't take anymore stress). The Independent Study that I needed this semester in order to meet the credit requirement for my Grad Assistantship was denied. Twice.

I don't really know what my options are at this point... It's almost October. And I already denied my student loan at the beginning of the semester. Can you even get a student loan with only 6 credits?

Anyway, I'm going to end my despair blog. I need to think about what I can do to possibly resolve this situation. And then hopefully I can get back to thinking about research.