Creating a New Environment 2016-09-26 17:42:00

Hope Wilson
Dr. Zamora
Eng 5020
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                                                   Rhetoric and Composition;
                                Considering Peer to Peer Memo as a Guidance.

I am convinced that writing is more of a passion than a lesson learned. Assignments are completed as

 dictated but true writing comes from the comforts of one's heart. The need to be a descriptive story

teller as a relaxing moment is appreciated is not taught or learned. To have the desire to write a

documentation without the promise of monetary proceeds is part of the gift of writing. To have the

courage to share your thoughts with other readers and writers without force or fear of judgement. The

processes of writing it down for public consumption is encouraged. Correctly used grammar and

punctuations bring the attention of the intellects and maintains public focus on the project.

Correctly written projects can be successful with peer’s response. To have someone review your

paper with the knowledge of the educator's concerns can increases one's chances of success.   Peer

review also guides the writer to consider thinking out side the box by offering suggestions of similar

possibilities. The educator may advise that " the purpose of peer to peer memo is to guide the

responder to specific places in the essay that the writer is concerned about and also to give some idea

 of what the writer is trying to accomplish” as they consider the completion of their project.

Reflection is the state of mind. One’s intellect and life's experiences reflect their response. Knowing

 " insight doesn't happen often on a click of the moment like a snap shot but comes in its own time

and more slowly and from nowhere but within" ones' active subject at the time. When entering

college " students understand the beneficiaries of twelve years' worth of schooling" and will follow

the process of the educator to maintain their desired grade.  The different processes will be introduced

 to students and they will build on what is comfortable to them. A forced process may result in non

compliance. Some processes, if assigned consistently, may become standard in some educator’s work

plan. The consideration of other processes or curriculums that will engage the students and increase

achievement differently may not get introduced.